Let us take a gander at this.

Men rule the world. Ladies first, after men. Women rule the world. Women rule the men who rule the world. You hear of phrases like ‘bottom power ‘, ‘feminine wiles’.

Somebody wrote a book called ‘the Anatomy of female power’, but not ‘the Mechanics of male masculinity’

The male condescension and masculine Chauvinism !

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The controversy about the place of the woman in society is as old as sin. In the political arena, women often play second fiddle. In religious circles. women are almost always seen as second hand citizens. Islam is more overt in this gender discrimination while Christianity is more covert. Have we ever had a female Pope? Yet to see a female Imam leading a Jumat Service! You have a word like ‘papacy’ , while you don’t have ‘mamacy’ . The Bible is littered with humanity refereed to as ‘man’, and God as ‘father’. The major heroes of the religious hemisphere are all males. Where females are mentioned, it is in a subordinate position to the males.


Have a look at this joke:

Have you ever wondered why, during a crisis, they let women and children go first?

It’s so the men can have some peace and quiet while they think about what to do.

While it is just a joke, it is a reflection of the idea of the superiority of the male folks.

Patriarchy at play!

Women are often seen as sex objects, often paraded in adverts to promote items, often skimpily clad. These days, you would hardly find a musical video without half naked women gyrating convulsively to musical rhythms.

Are the women partly to blame in accepting this demeaning roles that men portray them in, basically emphasizing that it is a man’s world, and the women are mere puppets?

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Which leads me to the question, are women truly second class citizens.? I would not be going the religious route here.

Despite the women liberation rambunctiousness, have women resigned themselves to the role of permanently playing second fiddle?

There is no doubt that men are generally physically stronger than women, but in several areas, women are as capable, and even superior. Intuition, langauges, ability to multitask.. women are kings. Many women have shown awesome leadership ability, with frontline countries like the United Kingdom and Germany having (had) female leaders. In spiritual things like precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance, women trump the males, so what’s this idea that men must lord it over women, and the women accepting this situation lethargically for centuries?


The source of this rant is a report.


A married Montana man has taken his wife and his girlfriend to the Yellowstone County Courthouse and told the clerk: Marry us – if the Supreme Court OK’d “gay” unions, then we should be allowed to join together in holy polygamy.

Some reactions..

How about women also applying to be married to as many men as they desire? After all US is a land of freedom and guarantee of (gay) rights. Gays don’t have two heads. What’s good for the goose…..

I wish the women will also take up the fight for their own right to be married to as many men as they want without being called cheats or being deemed having extra marital affairs too. Just like one woman may not meet a man’s needs, a single man may not meet a woman’s needs too.

The idea is, if men can marry many wives legitimately and legally in some countries, why can’t women marry many men simultaneously? Why are the men monopolizing the term ‘polygamy’, when it is a term that also encompasses ‘polyandry’?

If polygyny is allowed for men in many countries , why not polyandry for the women? More to the point, why have the women been accepting this situation for ages.? Would a transsexual female be at home with polygyny?

With all these, can we realistically say it is a woman’s world? Or that women rule the men who rule the world?


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