I was in a bank to carry out some financial transactions when I saw the headline by CNN on the TV set, announcing that Samsung’s Q1 profits for 2015 dropped 39% in 2015.


You can read more about that here

When I heard this news, I immediately remembered the anguish of a multitalented man who wondered plaintively why he had to keep struggling financially when other people who are far less talented humans seem to effortlessly make ends meet while he is barely managing to keep his financial heads above water. Here is a guy who can do a myriad of (non) technical things, and also has personal integrity and discipline, but seems to be always one step behind in meeting up with basic financial needs / obligations.

Samsung is one of the most innovative and hardworking companies on planet earth. A Jack of practically all trades,  and master of them all. Hearing that their profits are plummeting is mystifying. If a conglomerate is always technically one step ahead of competition, works harder than the rest of them, spends a truckload of money on the advertisement of their excellent products, how come their profits are declining? And other less talented companies (Apple, I am looking at you) seem to be in the gravy train?
In my short sojourn on earth,I Have observed that the best people don’t always get to leadership position, the best products and services don’t always succeed, or get patronized the most, that rave musician or actress winning all the contracts and endorsements are not necessarily the best the landscape has to offer, while most people who get into political power are often the worst crop of humans that should be there (at least in this clime).

And, this has been an interesting phenomenon to behold.

There was an article I read where the CEOs of the best performing companies were profiled.  It was revealed that nice guys don’t make great leaders. Have a look here. Perhaps we can extrapolate that, to succeed in (big) business (and the financial business of running your life), absolute ruthlessness, hard-nosed laser focused capitalism and ferociously single-minded anticompetitiveness are even more important than merely providing excellent products /services, and advertizing them.


Of course,success is not necessarily about money and material things. True. But then, this post is about material success and what determines it .
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There is also this angle I want to look at… the angle that,  if you ‘serve God’, you would be blessed materially by the Creator. I am sure there would be copious apposite quotes from the Holy books supporting this. Now, if you elevate this off the personal level to the national level, are the more religious countries more materially blessed than the irreligious ones?  It would appear that there is not much
correlation between spiritual sanctity and your material success, or is there? Nigeria is reputed to be one of the most religious (spiritual?) people in earth,  but is also populated by a high ration afflicted by material poverty.

I have always felt that, since material wealth is a physical thing, being ‘filled in the spirit’ doesn’t necessarily fill your bank account. Truth is,  unless you passionately crave material success (above spiritual enlightenment), it is unlikely you would make a big splash on the Forbes Richest people’s list. Simply serving as many people with all your might with sterling service would take you far.
But not far enough….
Or, so, the evidence on ground suggests….

What’s your take?

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