We Lost a Good Man & Doctor

Dr Isaac Obaide Nwugwudu, (1957 – 2011)

He was a colleague, a brother, a mentor, and someone in whose presence you can never be sad. He was a very jolly man. I met him in the early eighties when i first came to Sapele as a young doctor and immediately liked him. We developed a friendship then that we never knew would last for over 20 years. we were both in the first Executive body of the Nigerian Medical Association, Sapele Zone under the able chairmanship of Dr Odeghe of blessed memory. He was later to become the chairman of Sapele Zone NMA.

(In Picture from right Dr Cole, Dr Nwigwudu, Dr Akwara, Dr Aghagba, & Dr Adedoyin)

Dr Issac Obaide Nwigwudu, was a man you could hardly know were he came from. Some thought he was a benin man, some said he was an itshekiri man, others claimed he hailed from the Urhobo tribe, while still some felt he was an Ibo man. This seeming confusion was as a result of his being very versatile in all the languages of those tribes. He also spoke Yoruba which happen to be my language. It was after his death that many got to know from his obituary papers that his father was an ibo man from Imo State and his mother an okpe woman from Delta State in Nigeria. Such was his ability to mix with and bring different tribes together.

This great man was instrumental to the modernization of the Nigerian Medical Association in Delta State, Nigeria. He became the Sate Chairman of the association in 2004 and for the next two years, NMA became a force to be reckoned with in the state. The very first vehicle owned by the association was purchased by him when he was the chairman. The Continuing Medical Education scheme which is now made mandatory by the MDCN (regulating body for medical practice in Nigeria), was promoted and commenced implementation in the state during his chairmanship long before MDCN adopted it.

At our meetings (NMA meeetings), his contributions were usually presented in his characteristic manner with proverbs and jokes. Lessons were presented with such rib cracking jokes that were hard to forget. With him as a teacher, no student could fail even if such a person wanted to, because lessons were so ingrained deep in one’s subconscious.

He took to his work like a duck to the waters. He was an ophthalmologist and i am proud to say that he performed a successful cataract surgery on my mother who came all the way from lagos for it. His numerous patient testify of his love and compassion as well as his proficiency.

It will be hard to forget such a wonderful brother and doctor.

Fare thee well my brother.

Have your well deserved rest.

(Written by Dr Abiose Adedoyin)

2 comments for “We Lost a Good Man & Doctor

  1. Ola
    November 28, 2011 at 3:31 am

    For those of us that knew this great man, we cannot stop wondering why he shoud depart so soon. He was an inspiration to many. Even his colleagues all strive to be like him in character. With him by your side, you could not have any dull moment because every statement from him would always lift up your heart.
    His colleagues and friends will miss him dearly.


  2. Afewgoodmen
    November 29, 2011 at 8:44 pm

    Dr. Nwigwudu was indeed a great man. It’s sad that he is indeed gone. He was an inspiration. He was an organiser. He helped all of us to appreciate the meaning of togetherness and the comradeship of being doctors. He will be forever remembered. Though his life has come just like a candle in the wind. His legend would ever remain on our lives.

    Yes, he’ll be sorely missed. RIP, Dr. Nwigwudu.

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