We are Back & Better Thank You All

This is to apologize to our numerous readers for our site’s inaccessibility since Sunday. We regret all inconveniences this might have caused. Ours site went down on Sunday afternoon and we thought it was due to a cyber attack or a hijack by the usual Internet bad boys. We contacted our host technical section and we can say they really delve into the issue and eventually brought us out. It was found to be due to a server wide problem which has now been fixed.


Our thanks to the crew at web4africa.net, our host, for fixing the issues. They were ever polite, honest and courteous. The very kind of people you would want for your website hosting. They can be highly recommended.


Also, we would like to acknowledge with gratitude our numerous readers who contacted us by emails and phone calls during this trying period.


We are here to serve you better.

1 comment for “We are Back & Better Thank You All

  1. steve
    September 21, 2012 at 9:56 pm

    Happy to know you are back.
    Am not sure what to say about this your new theme though. Nice but is it really better than the previous one?

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