Walk The Talk, Or Take A Walk!

So there is this Talk Show by the Covenant Christian Center, where notable personalities are brought to talk about Nigeria’s problems and proffer solutions.

The latest one included, among other dignitaries , Professor Charles Soludo,, Rewane Bismarck, the current Governor of Lagos State and Former Governor Peter Obi.

Someone remarked,

After listening to Bismarck and Soludo, I am even more convinced that the Prof Doyin Salami led Economic Advisory Team is God sent but the “man in Aso” must submit to God’s will.

The “man in Aso” being President Muhammad Buhari .

Now, governance is not made up of the Presidency alone. Looks like we always conveniently forget this point. The other Arms of Government are the Judiciary and the Legislature. They must all work together to achieve meaningful results.

The fixation on the presidency (specifically the President) has always been amusing to me and it is something I see as a narrow perspective / focus on something that should be a bigger picture.

Have we demanded better of the Governors and local government Chairmen.? Are the states ruled by the Presidency?

Lagos State trundled on successfully under Bola Tinubu despite OBJ seizing the State Allocation for a while . Why do we keep following the parochial small_minded lane of thinking every fire in Ogoja or Mokwa or Ikirun is traceable to a septuagenarian in Aso Rock?

Can a car function properly if a critical part (say the mass airflow sensor) is misbehaving?

We talk about how Nigeria is in dire straits as regards the economy. How many useful laws have the people in the federal Legislature propounded to improve the economy… apart from unending criticisms?

What stops a state from trimming down on UNnecessary appointments at the state level as being recommended at the federal level? My point here is most of the things felt by the people at the grassroots level are not the direct result of policies at the federal level.

Take the Judiciary. If it cannot cannot be relied on in dispensing Justice expeditiously because of delay, graft and other peculiar Nigerian factors, how much confidence would that give the foreigners who may want to invest in Nigeria? Are people really up in arms complaining about the graft we have in the judiciary, since it is supposed to be the last hope of the common man?

With oil (our mainstay) progressively losing international relevance, has the Federal House looked critically and suggested how to bring down the cost of governance.. especially their own unholy profligacy and emolument? How about voluntarily reducing how much they take home, and critically ensuring delivery on all those “constituency projects” that are mostly jokes / conduit pipes? .

I also believe the problem with many of us is that we are under the illusion that the other man is the problem .. whereas many of us are not any better than those we vilify .. in our everyday lives and conduct.

That is spelled HYPOCRISY.

We wasn’t a change in the condition of the country but we want to maintain status quo.. like eating imported rice, when there is no reason in the world that we cannot be self_sufficient in that, and other staple foods.! We have arable land, salubrious climate and an army of Isle youth!

Of course the social media where everybody is an expert in solving Nigeria’s problems.. even those who don’t know their left from right, but just bay along with the motley crowd.

There isn’t necessary safety in numbers, and I think we all need to expand our outlook and think critically .

The Platform brought out nothing new.

Deja vu. Deja entendu. We have orators in abundance. But we need to DO more than TALK. At all levels.

Nigeria’s problem is not about talk- talk. It is about what we DO, at all levels. In public and in private…

We don’t lack people with great ideas. We just need more people with character.

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