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When it comes to the use of drugs such as the “over the counter” food supplements, most people think even if it doesn’t help, there is no harm. But we have to think again. There might actually be great harm.
Recent studies have shown a positive correlations between the use of Vitamin E supplements and prostate cancer in men. I quote Dr. Gerald Chodak from on this topic.

“Vitamins and over-the-counter supplements are back in the news with an updated report from the SELECT trial.[1] This was a study that began in 2001 that enrolled patients over the next 3 years and assigned them to 1 of 4 groups: those who received placebo alone, vitamin E plus placebo, selenium plus placebo, or vitamin E plus selenium.
The results that were originally reported in 2008 found that there was no significant reduction in the development of prostate cancer in any of the 3 treatment groups. However, there was a trend toward a higher incidence of prostate cancer. The authors decided to continue following patients even after the study was discontinued.
After an additional 3 years of follow-up, the authors found a 17% higher incidence of prostate cancer in men taking vitamin E. It was muted or lessened in the men taking the combination of vitamin E and selenium, suggesting that selenium had some protective effect. This increase began as early as 3 years after the initiation of the trial and continued to increase.
The message is this: Not only did vitamin E not help to reduce the risk for prostate cancer, it actually increased the risk… With no prospective, randomized studies evaluating higher doses of supplements, there is really no way to tell whether there is any impact on disease prevention or treatment. Even more important, patients should realize that unless studied properly, we really do not even know the overall impact in terms of side effects.
Here we have yet another example of something that is over-the-counter that can actually cause harm. People should be alerted to that. Studies had previously suggested that vitamin E might be a heart-protective agent or may prevent other cancers. However, well-done studies have failed to demonstrate that.”

So, there you have it folks. Now you know. Be very careful what about what you buy and ingest. Eat natural foods. Eat balanced diet. Keep away from so called food supplements that have not been proven to be actually needed and safe. Food supplement business is booming in our country Nigeria and people in it, even health professionals, are all there for the money not your health. Be careful what you spend your money on.

(Post written by Dr. Abiose Adedoyin)


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    I dont know what stage 3 is.. BUT I had prostate canecr in 2005 and was given a harmone shot called lupron to start with .. One lupron shot will put the canecr on hold for about 4 months.. and if his canecr isnt real bad there is a possibility that it can keep him alive 8-10 years The shots cost about $1,200.00 to $1,500.00 each.. dont know if this will work for you.. If he is near California .. he might call Loma Linda University Medical Center..Proton Radiation Department.. They treat lots of prostate canecr there and it is a Seven Day Adventist Hospital.. I have no idea if they would help him if he explained his situation.. all I know is that they are some of the nicest people I have ever met.. wish I could help more..

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