Unearthing The Lecherous Lecturer.

It is the Era Of Lecherous Lecturers.  Perhaps you saw what I did there? Trying to wax lyrical here !

Probably guilty as charged, those randy teachers..

Take A Look, if you aren’t familiar with this story, which by the way reveals nothing new. This is an open secret which has been going on for years, but seemingly getting progressively worse in recent years.

Somebody wonders,

Speaking of the lecturer sexual scandals, do you know what gets me? – The denials!! How do you deny a video of yourself? How?

This is in response to the news report that Ghanaian Lecturer To Sue Bbc Over Sex-for-grade Video

Videos, like pictures, don’t lie….  except when they do.

Reality Is Merely An Illusion, Albeit A Very Persistent One.. says Albert Einstein

But…. yes, technology makes it dead easy to make it appear like your said what you never said, did what you never did, etc. See This Article. 

Here Is Another Opinion…

Professor Okwechime Emmanuel of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) has said in a phone interview that there are some female students that dress half nude to class because they want to “obtain Sexually Transmitted Degree (STD)”.

This had me in stitches!

Get The Full Story Here.

Yes, some of the students are as culpable as those randy he-goats. No doubt. Yes, some students do deliberately tempt lecturers with their comportment and dressing. I mean actually proposition..I am a living witness….


Despite some students exhibiting all manners of irreverent behaviour, the job of a lecturer is to shape them for a better society.
Molding the character of young adolescents is one of the reasons for establishing tertiary institutions, not just imparting educational knowledge..

Sexual harassment in tertiary institutions is usually about the make lecturer hitting on the female students. Let’s not forget that done female lectures also pursue make students.

But, some female students appearing to be victimised are most likely not capable of passing those courses without help. So, they dangle their bodies as a bait.

Wise lecturers can make it clear that they are accessible to students to come to their office to see them concerning any academic difficulties they may be having with regards to the courses they are handling.. but must always borrow a stethoscope from the doctors who never attend to patients of the opposite sex without a third party present. But just insist the that window closes once the exams for those courses has been taken.  Should not encourage too much familiarity.

A female student wanting to see her lecturer after exams obviously has ulterior motives. What is happening could be  partially blamed on the students who introduced ‘sex for grade’ into the system themselves.  If a female students successfully compromises a lecturer she is likely to tell her colleagues and that is where the rot begins from. The compromised lecturer may in turn end up talking to his colleagues who now turn around to start demanding sex from students who are not that type and who never made such an offer.

Parents have to make the effort to be very close to their female children so that if this kind of harassment happens in the educational institutions, the child will feel free to report, rather than capitulate.

Tertiary institutions should exhibit zero tolerance for this kind of unacceptable behaviour from the lecturer or the students themselves and any of them found demanding for or dangling sex to a award / obtain unmerited marks must be fully punished to serve as a deterrent to others who may want to go that route.

Foursquare Church Asks ‘randy Lecturer’ To Step Down. is a speedy appropriate step to this kind of malfeasance..

The rot is a systemic and pernicious but then little consistent drops of water eventually make a mighty ocean.

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