It is often said that Two Heads Are Better Than One.

Just as this statement is not necessarily always true, it is also patently false in the case of apps, as we shall examine.

So, somebody writes an article about an app, called ReplyASAP

This App Lets Parents Contact Their Children, Even If The Kids’ Phones Are Always On Silent Mode.

I have always had a soft spot for multi-functional apps, rather than apps crafted to perform a single function like ReplyASAP above.

One may be tempted to believe that a jack of all trades app may be a master of none, but this is not entirely correct.

I once wrote an article, A man of Zero parts and Perfection is in the hands of the Android user where I extolled the power of the Android smartphone platform, educed with the correct deployment of the right applications .

This power is again made evident, in this instance, in the numerous things you could do that are otherwise impossible on other platforms.

My response to this one pony trick / one_function app was as follows:

Well, this is an easy way to override the Silent Mode on a smart-phone.

Getting disparate apps for discrete functionalities is one way.

But there is a far better way..

Any automation app like Macrodroid, Tasker, AutomaGic and the likes would perform this function (and more) – without breaking a sweat.

In connection with this, you may have your phone on silent mode, and you don’t know where the phone is located in the house..

How do you find the phone in a hurry?

Has it slipped under the settee, hidong in the briefcase, bathroom, or where?

With any of these automation apps, you create a profile that makes your phone RING OUT maximally (despite being in silent mode) once the phone receives a specific keyword from an SMS, or a specific number calls it up.

Phone found!

Also, I have implemented on my phone, using the AutomaGic app, a functionality that allows my phone to RING OUT if my wife (or any other numbers I specify) sends an SMS, calls, or sends a WhatsApp message .

That way, I can be disturbed (when in silent mode) ONLY by numbers I specify.

There is a related functionality I have implemented (through AutomaGic) that makes my phone ring out even when I have a headset plugged in. That way, I can leave the headset permanently plugged in, leave the phone on the table, and still be sure the phone rings out when there is a call or sms.

For those who are comfortable with a little tinkering / experimentation (or have some programming background), it is better to get any of these automation apps instead. They are available on the Google Play Store .

The effort is well worthwhile.

That way, you don’t litter your device with numerous apps that do discrete things..


This class of apps (automation) is one of the important things that make Android infinitely more malleable / configurable – and thus more versatile than the iOS platform.

Let’s make that device really sing!

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