Turning Nigeria Into A Rwanda.

I recently came across the report Rwanda: Traffic Police to Use Dash Cameras in Fighting Crime

A new traffic camera system meant to detect multiple traffic offences in all parts of the city will soon be tried out , traffic police has said.

Someone gives this impassioned comment,

Rwanda is a tiny country with resources nowhere near what Nigeria has. Comparing Nigeria to Rwanda on any index of human existence is like comparing a tiger to a rat. Incomparable!

Nigeria is busy praising criminals, rewarding and dialoguing with treasury looters, in a chaotic and lawless society.

Compare us to Rwanda. They have developed to the point where they now routinely install automated roadside speed cameras to enforce speed limits all over their country, a definite pointer to a working society with electricity and other necessary infrastructure and functioning database system for citizen identification…

Where are we at?

When will Nigeria get to this level of development?? When will we have the kind of purposeful, responsive and responsible leadership that make things like this possible in our own dear country?

Now, each time I listen to somebody talk about purposeful leadership, I tell myself … here we go again!.

We can castigate all we want but the truth of the matter is that a people get saddled with the leadership that they deserve.. no more .. no less.

It is tough to expect the leaders to be markedly different from the majority of their followers given the fact that leaders are selected from the pool of followers..

A chicken and egg problem.. do good people engender good leadership, or vice versa? .

I think everything starts from you and I, and not just from the top.

Good people great nation.. . a nation cannot be great if the people are not.

Check out these recent news items..

Jumia uncovers fraud in its Nigerian sales force.. million of dollars


Barely a week after CEO of Invictus Group, Obinwanne Okeke was arrested by America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over a $12 million (N4.3bn) fraud, the agency has arrested 80 more Nigerians.

Why always Nigeria, and what is leadership at governmental level got to do with all these? I believe leadership we have will always be a reflection of the people we are.

As long as the society will glorify wealth without asking where it comes from…. as long as you need huge sums of money to prosecute an electoral position.. as long as you have godfatherism and only the moneybags dictate what happens in political parties …we will always have the wrong people in government.

My submission then is that change can only come from the masses .. from the people themselves ..not from some leaders that magically drop from the skies… it won’t happen.

As long as people will forever be willing to sell their conscience for a bag of rice or an oil prospecting licence, we will always have the wrong ones in the political saddle.

It will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the brilliant ones with the right ideas and the right attitudes to get into any meaningful political position or even be able to operate if they manage to do so by some magic.

it is the people that will truly need to say .. enough is enough .. and act it out .. not just by some vacuous sloganeering..

My two kobo.

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