Just for the hell of it, I decided to put together a couple of Patrick Obahiagbon’s reactions to national (and sometimes non national) issues.

If you have not heard of this man, he is the famous one who loves using very grandiloquent words where far simpler ones would convey more meaning.

He was also in the House, and is currently Chief Of Staff in the Edo State government house. How his underlings (and,’overlings’ ) are able to cope with his propensity for bombastic words would remain a mystery. It is simply incredible that a normal human being would speak this way, but then who determines what is normal / abnormal?

Compared to the equally cerebral and often flatulent Pastor Chris Okotie,

Although I am firmly convinced most of what he says is an agglomeration of mumbo jumbo / hocus pocus, one cannot but have a good laugh whenever he has a chance to showcase his overflowing arsenal of ebullient word mastery. And we need that comic relief to retain our sanity in these trying times in Nigeria.

His sentences, and manner of speaking show clearly that, while a sentence may be syntactically correct, it can also be meaningless (semantically vacuous) , as it would just be a jumble of words.

The purpose of speech is communication, and when radio signals are transmitted, if the signals cannot be received and processed correctly, it is an exercise in futility. It is doubtful if most of the people who listen to this man understand half of what he says.

Obahiagbon makes worse his inability to express himself intelligibly by his penchant for occasionally interspersing his sentences with Latin words (and French) that are not normally part of the English language.

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Here are some of links to some of this inimitable WordSmith’s constructs. You are warned that you would need a couple of dictionaries close to your elbow to depict what is being said. They should send you into a paroxysm of hysterical laughter, though, whether you check out the heavy duty words or not. .

For me, each time I read his constructs, I get to add a couple of words to my vocabulary repertoire.

Meanings of some of Patrick’s words

Why he speaks big grammar

Buhari’s slow pace of governance

Bad leadership

Mikel Obi’s CAF Award Loss.

And the most recent…. his response to the death of an important Monarch :

“How do you describe his exit?

You cannot gloss over the fact that Omo N’ Oba Erediauwa,Oba of Benin, was a man of impeccable and unimpeachable integrity with the resilience of a royal salamander. In him, you find a coruscating display of that apothegm which holds that noblesse oblige.

The sui generis quintessential quality of his came under bold relief, especially during the locust and Philistine years of the military militocracy. He was practically the only triton among the minnows of royal hierarchs that resisted and stood up to the military rascality and apacheism that characterized the Abacha era.

He stood at all times with the people eyeballing political and military demagogues and damning their treacherous hooey and blarneys. It will not be erroneous and superfluous, therefore, to pontificate that his integrity was altruistically integrious if you permit me that neologism.

A man steeped in tradition Omo N’ Oba Erediauwa, Oba of Benin was a cornucopious emblematization of the rich heritage of the Benin culture, both in his modus vivendi and modus operandi.

He left no one in doubt that he was the spiritual and traditional agglutinating anodyne that offers a centripetal canopy for the Benin ethnic nationality into one harmonious and synchronized armada.


Of particular interest to me was how he was able to bring this about, especially against the backdrop of modernism and attenuating cum corrosive forces of religious petulancy and perfervidism. It is in his cosmopolitan and cerebral mien that is situated the Aladdin’s lamp that gave him the enablement in striking a delicate equipoise and hence at a meeting of the ‘Benin Anglican Dioscesan Synod on June 3, 1980, the revered monarch posited thus ….

“The conflict between traditional religion and Christian religion is not supported by scriptural teaching, but must Christian religion condemn and push out the traditional? Must traditional worship and Christian worship not be seen as complimentary”? Such was his philosophical zest, intellectual cosmopolitanism, sangfroid predilection and well-honed skills in high-wired diplomacy, which placed him in good stead, especially at feisty moments.

Cerebral alertness and universal personality One of the qualities even a casual visitor that came before the royal presence of Omo N’Oba, Oba of Benin cannot fail to recognize was his lavish avuncular affection towards all his visitors. He was always ready to make you feel at home, irrespective of real or imagined social stratification.

He was at his best crystallizing a rare display of Solomonic wisdom and regal mannerisms in regaling his numerous visitors with anecdotes interspersed with didactic witticisms   and it was at such privileged moments you also had the opportunity to admire his intellectual alertness and global persona

I sent the above to a nephew of mine for decryption, and he asked in befuddlement,

Uncle, what was he saying?

I promptly answered,

I haven’t the foggiest idea oo…

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