Top seven largest cities in Africa

Africa may be a bit backwards and may comprise of some of the worlds developing countries, but one thing you cant take away from African countries is its ever growing population. With its growing population is the need for basic social infrastructure which leads most people to troop to the cities in search of a decent life.

Mostly this rural – urban migration brings about its own problems as more people rely on the already stretched infrastructure like transportation, health and other social amenities. This has been the case with most of the cities here listed.

Without further waste of time, here are the seven largest cities in terms of population beginning from the smaller to the largest –

  1. Alexandria – This Egypt’s second largest city with rich historical background Alexandria has a population of 4,575,000 people.alexandria

  2. Abidjan – This is the economic capital of Ivory Coast and the largest french speaking city in West Africa. Abidjan alone occupies 20% of the countries population, it has an estimated of about 422 kilometer square and has a population of 4,707,400 people.abidjan

  3. Mogadishu – Mogadishu is the largest city and capital of Somalia, it is located along the coastline of its country. Though it is more popular due to years trying to combat insurgency. It has an area of 1657 kilometer square and a population of 5,845,000 people.mogadishu

  4. Greater Johannesburg – This is South Africa’s largest city and the fourth largest in Africa, it is also Africa’s wealthiest city. It occupies an area of 1,644.96 kilometer square and a population of  7,550,000 people.johannesburg

  5. Kano – Kano is Nigeria’s second largest city located in Northern Nigeria, it is a large commercial and political center. It occupies an area of 499 kilometer square and a population of 9,383,682 people.Kano

  6. Cairo – Also the capital of Egypt, Cairo occupies 453 kilometer square and a population of 6,789,479 for the city and 14,872,204 for the greater Metropolitan Area.cairo

  7. Lagos – Lagos is the commercial back bone of Nigeria located along the coastline facing the Atlantic ocean, It is the largest city in Africa in terms of population and the seventh largest in the world. It occupies a land area of 999.6 kilometer square and a population of 25,000,000 people. lagos

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