To Bomb or not to Bomb (A Dialogue)

There was this report on the news.
Suicide Bomber Forced To Detonate Bomb On Himself

And the following conversation ensued:

Dele: Forcing a suicide bomber to blow self. Poetic Justice! Accelerated Execution!! .

Do suicide bombers still have a right to life sef? If the idiot had succeeded he would have eliminated his pitiful soul and then taken other innocent souls along with himself.

Akeem: A suicide bomber may have been coerced, though. Supposing I kidnap your children, and tell you I will kill them all unless you go on a suicide bombing escapade. What would you do? Its simple exchange / trade by barter. The life of your children exchanged for the lives of some unknown people.

Dele: Report to the authorities. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Where is the guarantee that the children wouldn’t be executed despite my carrying out the bombing, as ditrected???

Akeem: You would try, no?

Dele: No. I wouldn’t. One child could still be used to blackmail another parent to carry out another suicide bomb.

Akeem: Look my friend, you are not addressing this my question. What would YOU do? I mean, really, really?

Dele: I don’t negotiate with terrorists I have no guarantee that they will keep their words.

Akeem: Story. You are not in America. We are talking about your blood here. That President who said, we don’t negotiate with terrorists would sing a new song if an immediate member of his family is in the hands of terrorists, I assure you!

Dele: In some situations death is actually a reprieve than staying alive jor.

Akeem: Tell that to the marines.
Besides, you are not in a situation to have guarantees. Or, even negotiate. You just roll with the hostage situation. And you forget this is not an Air Force One situation, or even a novel.

Dele: Carrying out the suicide bombing will be futile. You lose both ways.

Akeem: Maigida, I think you are still telling Tales by Moonlight Talk to me! Would you lose all your children for these half baked thoughts you are entertaining?

Dele: Reporting to the authorities would be the sanest thing to do, for me.

Akeem: And lose all your children? Is that not the most INSANE thing to do?

Dele: They are already dead, anyways. The earlier you come to that realization the better.

Akeem: Naaa. They aren’t. Not yet.

Dele: Terrorist cannot be reasoned with.

I would have thought you would do whatever it takes, no matter how slim the chances, to preserve the lives of your children?.

Dele: You can NOT order me to kill countless people that I do not know, who have done no harm to me. What are a few kids’ deaths to your conscience?? You gotta be practical Oga.

Akeem: I actually think you are the one merely romanticizing. These are not a few kids. These are YOUR kids o.

Dele: No; I’d accept my fate and do the practical thing. Report to the authorities.

Akeem: No,You wouldn’t. You lie and you know it. Would you exchange the life of your children for a few unknown people. Simple question.

Dele:  I can’t kill countless others in cold blood on the altar of a figment of false hope that may not materialise. And by the way, DEATH is not the end. It’s just the beginning.

Akeem: We are not discussing philosophy jare. Just realities! Don’t try to go tangential on me, you hear?

Meanwhile, death is the beginning of WHAT? Life?

Dele: My brother, that hypothetical situation you put there is an act of desperation. It’s not an iron-clad deal.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Or life after death? Or heaven and hell?
Or cessation of existence after death?: You may feel free to go blow up innocent souls trying to save a handful of yours. That would be crass SELFISHNESS.

Seriously, if I were to find myself in that type of hopeless situation, I’d count my losses. And then do the right thing by going to the authorities.
Whatever you do, there will be casualties.

Akeem: True But, it’s a matter of who is more important to you. You refuse to do their bidding. They would kill your children, pronto and would simply find another set of children to kidnap, compelling the dad to carry out the suicide bombing. A no-win situation, truly. Either way, people would die.

Dele: There is peace when you die. No matter what you believe in.

Akeem: Why assert this way? Have you been dead before ni?

Dele: I’ve imagined death before. Same thing.

Akeem: Okay o!


The way we would respond in this kind of desperate situation would of course vary, based on our core values. This is a deeply ethical issue.

Personally, I would not know which way to flow, and I believe most would not know either, until and unless they find themselves in that kind of dote straits.

Would you kill in cold blood to save your own precious? If you shoot dead an armed robber that was about to merely rape your daughter, how is this any different? You shoot that robber dead before he has a chance to shoot you, are you not exchanging one life for your own.. a matter of which is more important to you?


Food for thought!

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