Trust Is Like A Mirror, You Can Fix It If It’s Broken, But You Can Still See The Crack In That Mother Fucker’s Reflection.

— Lady Gaga

Listen to a Doc:

Don’t Trust Your Doctor . I’m A Doctor , So I Can Say This With A Straight Face: Don’t Trust Your Doctor . There’s No Question In My Mind That Today Most Doctors Are Businessmen First And Doctors Second. And You Shouldn’t Trust Your Doctor Anymore Than You Trust Your Stockbroker, (If
You Are Foolish Enough To Have One )


How different is a Body Mechanic from a Car Mechanic? Just like we have horrible mechanics lacking proper diagnostic equipment to work with, we also apparently have very poorly trained doctors with no or little equipment to facilitate their jobs.

Doctors have undergone a lot of training to graduate and have a license to practice. The rigour of the profession is so much that à nephew Doctor said,

There Is No Amount That Could Be Paid To Doctors That Would Reward Him Adequately For The Stress Of Graduating As One. He Also Said A Doctor Needs To Keep Reading And Studying Until He Is Dead. That’s Why So Many Of Them Use Eyeglasses

Apparently, with Doctors literally holding our lives in their hands, they are only second to God in how ordinary mortals revere them.

Now, a doctor is a human being, first before being a doctor. A doctor can also not be expected to be better that the environment he studied, or practise in.. A doctor can make a mistake, being human.

The reason we are lessdismissives of mistakes by doctors is because they deal with human lives where a misdiagnosis or wrong prediction could mean the difference between life and death of the patient. it is why they take the Hippocratic Oath.

Do( / should) you completely trust your doctor, in Nigeria?

Or, like that mechanic who wants to perform some major repairs on your exotic car engine, should you always get a second (or third!) opinion, just to be sure?

In the past, I have also experienced first hand, the greed of some DOCTORS (they are humans, so there are scumbags among them too), appalling incompetence, astounding carelessness and criminal negligence. As said earlier, the things we could overlook in other professions are simply unacceptable in the medical field. We are dealing with life here.

Here is an extract from Sadiq Daba, the veteran journalist and actor of the Old CockCrow At Dawn. He mad my day in my teenage years.

“Done With The Doctors This Week. All The Test Results For My Prostate Cancer Did Not Find Spread. I Was Told In Nigeria That It Had Spread To Other Organs Of My Body. But All Tests Here By Specialists Came Back Negative, With Regards To The Spread.

If you diagnose wrongly, can you treat correctly?

The paucity of the right equipment may of course be blamed for wrong diagnosis but the point is if we must always exercise some skepticism whenever a major pronouncement of our health is issue is made.

Sadiq said further,

“My Cancer Can Be Treated With Drugs And Injections. Also, The Doctors, After Tests For Leukemia, Concluded That It Is In Remission. The Specialists Placed Me On Drugs To Help With The Remission. I Will See An Oncologist On Monday; No Need For An Operation (Surgery) To Open Me Up. In Nigeria

Here is the full report.. My Prostrate Cancer Did Not Spread Like Nigerian Doctors Said —Sadiq Daba

When someone was shocked at this level of misdiagnosis, and implied incompetence, by saying,

If Sadiq Daba didn’t have the chance to seek a second opinion abroad, only God knows what would have happened to him. I’ve seen and heard about very many such cases of mis-diagnoses by Doctors in Nigeria.

Quite disturbing!

… a man with a more panoramic view of things said…

We Expect Too Much From These Guys. Most Are Graduates Of Federal And State Universities In Nigeria, And If You Consider How Poor The Quality Of Graduates Churned Out Are, You Will Be Deceiving Yourself To Think The Doctors Will Be Any Better, As They Are Products Of The Same Institutions

Poor Training + Inadequate Equipment + Poor Motivation. = Medical DISASTER

How good are the lecturers, themselves, in our tertiary institutions?

Ailments that would ordinary not kill in other climes , kill people in Nigeria, for any, or a combination of the reasons above, also because of fake drugs ..

Is it any surprise that our leaders (and the moneyed ones) rush abroad for treatment for all kinds of illnesses that you would ordinarily expect them to treated here in Nigeria? They don’t trust our doctors / hospitals, apparently.

Should you, especially if you are a man of means? This Doctor Says Not…..

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