Three Banks Are Better Than One

My GTBank Debit Card expired January 31, 2019.

Three weeks before then, I have visited the GTBANK twice for renewal, sent twitter messages thrice  and sent an email, requesting for a new card .

I use that card daily, very actively.

What else can a man do? 


My debit card will expire this month.

I went to the branch where I opened the account to renew, but was told I would get an SMS / email when the card is ready, automatically.

The month is running out, and I don’t want to be caught without an active debit card.

Should I relax?

Kind regards.

I was told not to worry – in all instances.. that the debit card renewal would be done automatically, and I would get a message to come and pick it up.

GTBank has failed. I have not received any message, and my card has expired . I cannot do critical transactions.

As at today, I dont have a valid functioning GTB Debit card, thanks to GTB and their inefficiency.

Did someone say GTBank is one of the best banks? How do you explain this kind of thing, given that some other banks would issue you a Debit Card while you wait ?  Many   automatically renew before expiration, without fuse

We all know that, it would be inadvisable to rely on a single Internet network provider if you must be online 24/7 in Nigeria.

It is now looking like one also needs to have multiple bank accounts to avoid embarrassment. We have had occasions where a bank app / system would be down for a whole day or more, and critical transactions would suffer.

Just in the nick of time,  Paylater announced something that was good news, especially for someone who needs to do a lot of banking transfers  .. .

Happy to announce that all fund transfers from your Paylater Wallet to ANY bank account in Nigeria now cost ₦10 only!

Even better,

Funding your Paylater wallet is free. There is no charge for doing that in the app.

However, if you choose to send money TO a bank account (not Wallet), you will be presented with two options for how to pay for that transaction:

1) Pay with Wallet (now ₦10)
2) Pay with debit/ATM card (₦50 fee)

After all, Wallets can save one a lot of money regarding interbank transfers, and other transactions.

Now, the Paylater news is a good thing. This solves some of my headaches while I await GTBank, in their magnanimity, to issue me a Debit Card – in THEIR time

Meanwhile, I have moved on to Wema ALAT as my day to day active bank account .  .

And, due to the GTBank delay, I also opened a Sterling Bank account online, downloaded their banking app, and was up and running in no time. I am told getting their Debit Card is within 24 hours. No stress.

Yes,  Three Banks Are Better Than One

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