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Perhaps you already went through the posts, “what’s the purpose of wealth?” and “Health is wealth, but too much wealth is unhealthy

What is the purpose of religion?
This post examines some perspectives on religion,  with a searchlight on the whys and wherefores. It is  conversational, two or three people ruminating aloud on imponderables and mysteries that religion could
help illuminate, being unable to conclude on anything specific.

The purpose is to make us reexamine / reevaluate our religious beliefs (if any), to either strengthen us in our convictions or wake us up from our religious lethargy.

The following conversation about religion and its role in the lives of people was sparked off by the unending and unspeakable wickedness that is ubiquitous in the land. It happened in the older days, it is still happening.

Specifically, the unending genocide by the Boko Haram insurgents drew profound anguish in somebody, who wondered what the Creator is doing allowing such things to happen, while ‘looking on’, with numerous other dastardly acts festering in the world.

What is the role of religion in explaining the unspeakable evil that’s going on in the world,  and giving hope to the thinker?

Here is the conversation, a little muddled up, but coherent enough to pass some messages over.

Religion should concern itself with realities in this world,  rather than adopt the head in the sand attitude that all wrongs would eventually be made right at some indefinite future.

Some religions are doing that through impartation of the right knowledge already. Most religions sure discourage violence against fellow humans.

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If one of my children is incorrigibly bad, and the other is wonderful, and I seem to reward them equally and not visibly chastise the bad one,  what signal am I sending? It’s a complicated world, all right.

Religion is concerned with teaching how to live and be happy even here on earth. There are angles that can’t be dealt with, while we are here on earth.

Religion should go further than teaching… why teach a concept you don’t fully understand, yourself? If mysteries happen, and there are no logical ways to explain them, then religion is failing and needs to brace up further. Most humans would lose faith in humanity and the divine without religion to hold on to.

Christian religion initially helped to abolish some really inhuman practices in Africa. The unfortunate thing is that science and technology helped to proliferate weapons that aid killings and thus making it easy for the depraved to carry out their activities on a wider scale.

I am merely statimg what’s obvious, that goodness often go unrewarded, while evil too often goes unpunished. Why?

What’s the purpose of religion if it does not, or cannot make the world a saner place,and can’t explain numerous injustices that are so commonplace?

The injustice of the world is perpetrated by Satan, that’s its way of infusing confusion and steering people away from the true knowledge of God.

I remember the medical student Indian girl that was gangraped to death. The parents went through thick and thin to educate her, send her to medical school. Sold the only landed property to see her educated. Then she finished school, gets killed like a dog? What kind of universe allows things like that to happen?

Of course religion came into being because of the common enemy “Satan” and so long as Satan lives or exists, the answer to our questions is clear.

While we are yet preaching that God is concerned with our welfare, the enemy will invade some people’s minds and use them to kill and commit other heinous crimes… in the name of that same God, creating confusion in the minds of those not in the know.

It’s all too easy to blame problems on other entities. Satan is right in humans. The enemy within. There is no Satan externally, anywhere. The battle between good and evil will continue until the end of days.

I think the role of religion is to save as many as possible from falling to Satan.

If God is omniscient and omnipotent, why did he create Satan (if Satan really exists), to tempt his creatures, and make them stumble?

That’s how some criminals succeed in the secular world too. The army and police are supposed to protect you, so they will dress in army and police uniforms, in effect making people drop their guards completely and they will be attacked when they least expected it, creating distrust in the army and police and maybe even the government as a whole.

The battle between good and evil will continue until the end of time. In perpetuity.

There is no battle.  Who created evil, and why, for what purpose?

I’m a mere mortal and cannot decipher the mind of God beyond that he’s made open to humans.

I don’t even know your mind not to talk of the mind of God. And the simple answer is, if you truly believe in the existence of God, you will find out that God can choose to do as he wishes. We are not in the position to question his will. On a side note, I like to ask why a bricklayer would choose to rest a thousand other brick on one at the foundation? This is because it is very necessary if you must make a wall. What I am trying to say if that God has designed the world the way he likes it.

But you should know that God created us to be free willed beings and be able to choose what we want rather than being coerced like mere robots.

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But, humans being imbued with logic, you would believe our creature is an ultra logical being. So,illogicalities would naturally bring questions to the mind of the thinker.

You would allow your toddlers free will and destroy themselves, all in the name of freewill? We are less than children, compared to the universal Mind, you know.

Of course, there are too many things that will bring questions to the human mind but being guided is the key here.

I think the mythical hell is just something religion has invented to explain obviously inexplicable things in this world. Without hell existing in the minds of people, there would be true pandemonium on earth.  And the concept of heaven,  there just has to be reward for good behavior, otherwise, why be good?

There are guidelines in His holy book designed to guide us to an extent without actually forcing things on us except where very necessary. Freewill.

If people keep cutting corners to get ahead,  hey are further encouraged to go further. If evil keeps going on without visible repercussions, there is no incentive to be good.

Is there God? And even if he exists, is he really all-loving and good? Or is he a sadist and simply enjoys all the atrocities going on in the world?
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Or does he have a different set of codes than what is attributed to him in the holy books?

Or is he really omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient??

Does he know ALL the inhumainties of man to man going on in this world? Atrocities and wickedness??

Or is he as powerless as all of us.

Or is there a master plan in the grand scheme of things??

Those are questions that need pertinent answers.

The thoughts of hell do not make many stop sinning. Atheists and countries that prohibit religion don’t go into chaos and pandemonium. Like the Scandinavian countries, Russia and China.

But, imagine Nigeria disallowing religion like you have in Russia. Wouldn’t there be an upsurge in the rate of crime and other societal anomalies?

Personally, I do not believe there is hell in any afterlife. That doesn’t still make me to kill anyone or commit crime.

The importance of Religion had been over-exaggerated throughout the ages.

But religion plays an impressively important role,  doesn’t it? There are things you wouldn’t do,  because of your religion, no?

Religion is mostly for the weak, the politicians and for the men in power to subjugate their people. That’s what religion is mostly all about.There are soothing feelings you get from practising religion. No doubt. Psychological and emotional relief. Religion is the opium of the masses, truly.

Societies and countries that suppress religion are not really worse off than those who don’t. Look at the West for instance. Their policies now is similar to what happened in Russia in time past. They are trying to ensure separation of state and religion. In public school, they try to ensure that there is zero mention of “God” in school. Teachers can’t tell their student, “Happy Easter”. That’s wrong. They will instead say, “Happy Holidays”.

People have been questioning state sponsored pilgrimages. I have questioned that for eons too. Religion is a private matter.

They steal your money and cover it up with, “God willing”,”You cannot fight God”.

But, can you really separate a religious people from anything,  even governance and state matters?. Heck we have holidays for religious celebrations!

Religion and ‘godliness’ are inalienable parts of most humans o. Looks like religion is just a socialization outlet, mostly,  then? And a political rally point for politicians or men in power. When Europe wanted to capture Jerusalem in the past, they claimed it was the crusades. God’s holy war to take the holy city for Christ. Deep down we knew powerful men were fighting for land, power and political dominance.

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I understand the Catholic Church is the greatest owner of real estate in the world.

That’s just politics. It doesn’t mean the politicians are men of God. Just that they have to capture the minds of the people. Capture the mind, you have them as puppets, to manipulate as they wish. People have to guard their minds with all diligence.

You exploit a human weakness for needing religion? Ain’t that callous?

If I was in Malaysia for instance. And I wish to pursue politics. I shall become a Muslim. It will further my cause. With over 80% Muslim majority there.

There you have it.  More questions thrown up, than answers preferred.

What is your take?

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