During the iPhone Antenna Gate fiasco, Apple was reputed to have said the antenna related issues with the iPhone was the result of users not holding the phone right.

Yeah, right!

This was hilarious, and the above assertion from someone reminded me of this and is just as hilarious if not that the thought processes behind this position are flawed.

I recently had this conversation with a top gun in one of the banks in Nigeria .

He is of the opinion that the Nigerian economy is not doing so badly. He is the Head Of Corporate Affairs, believes his bank is doing very well and the masses are not thinking right, because there are people still smiling to his bank He concludes that, this is why the masses have poverty, made flesh,and dwelling among them.

Say what?

He may have a slight point, but he misses the bigger picture badly.

The conversation started with the report, CBN Affirms Healthy State Of Nigerian Banks

Here are snippets of his submissions, reproduced almost verbatim, interspersed with my responses and thoughts.

DEFENDER: If the banks are that healthy, why is CBN restraining them from laying off staff? And how can the banking system be healthy when the whole economy itself is comatose? What commercial activities are they involved with?

TOPGUN: The construction cranes are still working

DEFENDER: I see them. Like before? And who are those buying or renting those buildings NOW, in this recession?

TOPGUN: I know some Agric chaps who are into huge funds. Don’t let us fool ourselves o. People are still making money.

DEFENDER: People always make money. Question is, on what scale? This is not about just a few individuals being financially okay.

TOPGUN: Scale is relative, for your info

DEFENDER: Everything in life is. This we know

TOPGUN: In XYZ Bank, we have been adding an average of 52,300 new customers every month this year. Last year the average was 43000, Year before it was 38000

Those are facts.

DEFENDER: One man’s loss is always another man’s gain. But those are tangential facts that have little bearing with what we are discussing.


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TOPGUN: I choose not to be a sceptic

DEFENDER: Hmm.. Not being a sceptic doesn’t stop you from being a realist, or does it?

Are the two mutually exclusive?

TOPGUN: While some are busy lamenting, some others are cleaning out. So look for the opportunities o. There are always opportunities in every recession.

Do you know there’s huge opportunity in the supply of school uniforms? Right now….

One lady is running Uber in west Africa. She is not complaining about a downturn in the economy.

DEFENDER: Already addressed this. We are talking about the country, not individuals. I am taking a panoramic approach, view

TOPGUN: I have lived in countries where people amass wealth while millions live in abject poverty. It is not any different in Nigeria. Everyone will not be rich. It’s more about your mindset, where you choose to focus.

DEFENDER; So, when a few are rich, the country is fine, eh? Depends on where you focus, of course.

They would tell you, even in the sixties, people still scavenge inside the dustbins.

So you can jolly well say, there is nothing like recession, depending where you stand or are looking at.

Proves nothing!

TOPGUN: I am not sure you have a good understanding of the masses you are fighting for either. Maybe it’s hunger that has dulled their senses.

DEFENDER: Well, poverty of the mind comes from poverty of the body,. And vice versa.

TOPGUN: Seems blacks are the only ones who suffer that. We probably have black matter instead of gray.

The above conversation reminds me of another topgun banker who said Nigerians Are Lazy, and this is the primary cause of their poverty and suffering ,and I took him up, and posted about that.

With the rot in the county, years of colossal mismanagement and treasury looting, I think it is naive or simply simplistic to blame the masses for their present predicament.

Perhaps It Is Easy To Pontificate About How Easy It Is To Climb A Hill When You Already Stand Atop The Hill?

And to the one who says Nigerian Banks Are Doing Well, pray, from where do they make that money, exactly.? Are they insulated from an economy in recession, or what?

I would love to know.

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