Why is it that, when somebody dies, or there is a marriage ceremony, people, especially Nigerians are quick to raise /spend money, but when a person is alive, getting financial help for business is such a tug of war?

A man would struggle with his finances / businesses without kith & kin easing a helpful finger. That same person dies, and the money to do an elaborate burial suddenly surfaces! .

The spending on weddings is even justifiable a bit (since the celebrants are alive ) , but preferring to splurge on the dead is something I often ruminate about.

Folks would dissipate far more energy, time and funds on a dead person (condolences, burials, etc) than they bother to do when the person was alive.

Is it not a fact that most of the preparatory burial activities going on are mostly for the people still alive?

Here it is.

Someone dies suddenly. Landlords in the estate where the deceased was also a landlord decided to completely foot the burial bill, by taxing themselves.

Gentlemen, the Mr XYZ burial has been fixed for dash-dash, all in Lagos. The family will keep us updated on further arrangements.

We estimate expenses of between 3 million and 4 million for the whole process, for things like :

casket and undertakers, mayfair vault, pamphlet and programme, light refreshment, etc

We solicit for a minimum of ₦ 50k per landlord as our contributions.

We would appreciate immediate response due to time constraints. Please forward to other friends.
Account is XXXXX @ YYY Bank.

Thank you all.

Looking to raise N3 – N4 Million in a space of nine days.

Is this not an irony?

A dead man is dead. All the razzmatazz doesn’t matter one bit to the departed one, and does not change the fact that he is gone.


I picked the brains of a deep thinker for his views on this matter.

He said,

This is a question that only God Himself can answer. I have asked the same thing, again and again.

Anyway, I have left instructions for my family: cremate my body within 48 hours of my death and move on with their lives.

It would have been of far greater benefit if we would generally be more of our brothers’ keeperswhile we are still alive, rather than spending money ‘honoring the dead’ – to give a ‘befitting burial’.

Can we remember to spend money, productively, on the living, rather than paint the town red for the dead? I am not saying, don’t paint the town red.. just saying, the dead don’t spend money ..only the living do. So, spend more in / for the living while they can still benefit from that.

The real honor to a man is the one done while he is still alive to feel that impact – not when he has kicked the bucket

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