So, there is this comment that a blog reader made in response to a blog post:, reproduced verbatim, for emphasis:

Why are u lying u, I will leave this forum. if u nor stop to lie u. I dey Lagos recently with mobile data monitor d maximum is 1.2mbps download why my smile router hotspot dey tell me 14mbps on download. stop dis ur theory. nor feel say na all Nigeria be mumu oooo

The blog owner swiftly replied,

You are an idiot raised in a remote cave by a baboon. You will leave this forum? You’re a bastard if you don’t leave. You need to take your 3rd-hand, nameless Chinko excuse of a smartphone and throw it into the river, and go buy yourself aproper 3G phone on which internet works well. Just go. Relocate back to the cave you crawled out of. Toodles!

Now, I do not think this response is good enough. To be blunt, it is quite uncouth, and does not bode well for someone trying to cultivate a blog readership / following.

Leadership entails having a lot of restraint. When dealing with the public, and when you are a public figure, one is bound to encounter all sorts of people, with different mannerisms. It is vital to be accommodating, and not lose your cool over trivialities.

The one who said Why are u lying may very well be a small boy or girl, perhaps a seventeen year old. The construct certainly shows a low level of education, probably indicating an immature mind.

Does this innocuous comment warrant the heavy caliber response? including indirectly abusing his parents by calling them baboons?

I don’t think so.

It is said, You can tell the size of a man by what makes him angry and you can also tell the character of a “big” man by how he treats “smaller” men.

Above all, like previously stated, when you are a public figure, and you have a number of people looking up to you, you are a goldfish you have no hiding place, and your decorum and comportment become an integral part of your corporate and personal branding / identity, (the way you are perceived by the public).

Finally, he who cannot control his anger certainly has not mastered himself, and cannot hope to lead a disparate number of people.

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