The Reason That Man Is Seldom Satisfied With His Salary Is That When It Increases, He Increases His Expenses.


–Mokokoma Mokhonoana

So, someone writes about the abuse of interns in ‘StartUp’ companies in Nigeria.. This was supposed to be a comment, but ballooned, and necessitated a full post.

He says,

Startup founders cannot keep acting like jerks while demanding that politicians be humane. That is gross hypocrisy.

Sounds all dandy and lofty.

But, reality!

As almost always, what should happen and what ACTUALLY happens are two different things.corporate woman

Idealism Versus Reality.

What percentage of the labor force in Nigeria actually gets remunerated appropriately? What makes the writer imagine this internship situation would be any better?

The StartUp company is usually strap for cash. Just starting, with no guarantees, if they are too generous with frittering cash, they would soon ‘FallDown and Die”. (Mountain Of Fire call go ahead and sue!).

When just starting, there is need to be modest even if you have deep pockets.

This Scenario Of Abuse Is Not Limited To Internship In Startups It will happen whenever / wherever there is more ‘supply than demand’ for what you offer. It its a matter of your perceived value.

Too many people are looking for places of employment/ engagement.

That’s all there is to it.

If the skills you offer is in HOT demand and the supply doesn’t exceed demand by a wide margin, the market would speak eloquently – from what you get paid.

This happens at all levels.

You generally get paid what the market believes you are worth, not necessarily what you are worth, internship or not!intern woman

There are companies that pay interns good money. As an intern (or any other job seeker), you should determine what floats your boat better – knowledge/skill acquisition, or, money. Blessed is the intern (or non intern) situated in a place where the two co exist.

Have a look at Of Nigerian Tech Startups and Interns, as published on the Mobility Blog.

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