Someone says,

2 Obafemi Awolowo’s statues within 200 metres of each other, each costing N150m of tax payers money

This is in AkinWunmi Ambode’s Lagos.

There has also recently been an uproar concerning Rochas Okorocha ‘s Imo State spending princely sums on a similar statue in the sum ranging from ₦300 Million to ₦450 Million, depending who you ask.


South Africans have reacted to the erected statue of President Jacob Zuma of South Africa by Imo State governor, Rochas Owelle Okorocha.

They took to their social media to lash out their anger on the governor for honouring a man who is facing over 700 cases of corruption charges in his home country.

While one would have lots of justifications for perpetuating the legacy of a luminary like Obafemi Awolowo, it is mystifying what could be the motivation of erecting in a Nigerian state, the statue of a foreign president (corrupt or not). It is particularly befuddling that this was done in a state that is struggling to pay the salaries of workers, but thinks this ranks high on the list of priorities at this time of recession.

Our penchant as a people for venerating indicted people is perplexing. A James Ibori would come back from a jail sentence abroad, and receive a tumultuous welcome back hone. A Bode George would serve a jail sentence for embezzlement / misappropriation, and a church service gets organized with a Former President, Obasanjo, in attendance. This same Bode George is being fingered as the likely Chairman of the ‘biggest ruling party’, PDP !

A senator of the federal republic (Farouk Lawal) was caught on tape collecting a bribe from an oil magnate.. in the oil subsidy probe… he is still there, and still being given high responsibility in his domain as Chairman of other Committees, right in the Senate. Meanwhile, nothing came out of that probe, just like numerous others, and those who robbed us blind all walked away, free!

We want a change in the handling of the affairs of the country, but the truth of the matter is that we have not changed, at our individual levels, how we do things.. I submit that nothing would change without a change of our mindset.

I have always belonged to this school of thought that , ‘change begins from me, and from within me’ .

Was it not Rotimi Amaechi who said , ‘the politicians steal from us because we allow them’?

We glorify (stolen) wealth, we kowtow to power, hence the reason we have a state house of assembly often failing to curb the excesses of the executive at the state levels.

Recently, a friend sent this to me in Whatsapp:

*AGENDA 2019*

*Stop Recycling Corruption. Don’t Vote Any Former Governor For Senator Come 2019 And Make Sure All The Currently Serving Senators Do Not Return*

Let’s fight the corruption ourselves.

Share if you are in support.

– shared as received (because I’m TOTALLY in support!)

Well, finger pointing is the mother of all corruption .

How are we so sure that the incoming elected officially won’t be worse? After all, the devil you know is better than the angel. you don’t! Seeing that these ones are already well-fed, their appetite for stealing may have been satisfied / sated, somewhat.

Besides, recycling is very evident. It is also doubtful if totally fresh blood have what it takes to get into the political orbit at a significant level. Also new incoming ones would / could still be ravenous, and would likely attack the treasury with gusto!

The coercive force ensuring the non stealing, / reduced stealing, would soon, eventually, leave…

Then, we will be back to status quo, in gusto, in no time. Nigerians are still as corrupt as ever. Like a fowl locked up in a pen, it will run out once the enclosure is opened. We need to internalize doing the right things, without compulsion, first.

Change can only begin and be sustained from within!

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