Every now and then you come across an app that is so useful you simply bless the architect of that app for his/her contribution to humanity. And of course you want to spread the gospel of the goodness of the app to all and sundry.

On a platform like Android with a disparate number of apps, it is very difficult for apps to really standout in their uniqueness, or versatility and utilitarian value.

There are just too many apps in practically all the app categories for any of them to really be unique in anything it does. Name it, word processor, file managers, VPN apps, keyboard apps – they are so numerous, as to be embarrassing.

I discovered TExpand on Android a while back, and I consider it my greatest productivity app discovery of the year. Very few apps do something fairly unique, and do it exceptionally well. I think TExpand ticks all the dots, and I would easily rate it 9/10.

Texpand Lets You Insert Commonl-Used Text In Any App With Any Keyboard

Many keyboard apps on Android offer the facility to define shortcuts / macros.

For instance, maybe you often have to type convoluted things like:



Obviously, typing this repeatedly is a pain in the hand. Many keyboards (but not all) therefore allow you to assign a shortcut, say



You type;




magically appears.

Perhaps you have a standard ending to emails you send out or there are phrases you repeatedly type, often? You can simply assign such things to shortcuts, and make life easy for your fingers.

Why TExpand is such a life saver is due to the fact that:

Not all keyboards offer this macro expansion facility.. You may love a particular keyboard app for some features, but it doesn’t offer text expansion feature.

For people who have more than one keyboard app (so as to take advantage of combined features as usage demands), having your shortcuts available across board is often impossible. While some keyboard apps make use of the standard Google keyboard user dictionary for uniformity, not all of them do so.


TExpand works across all keyboards, making your shortcut definitions available no matter the keyboard app you use at a particular time. By using this app, you save numerous keystrokes (thereby saving battery consumption on your device), reducing the likelihood of Repetitive strain injury (RSI), drastically eliminating mistypes of tricky things, etc

Another app that does something similar is Text Aide on the google Play Store, but this requires rooting your device (TExpand doesn’t).

Yet another alternative would be the Text Expansion module of the eXposed Framework fame (which also requires rooting).

Have a look at a review of TExpand hither and download it from tither

Use this app. Your productivity would soar and your fingers would never remain the same again.

Note that you need Android 5.0 and above to make use of TExpand

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