There is a saying in the bible to the effect that money solves ALL problems. The exact quote is, A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh glad the life; and MONEY ANSWERETH ALL THINGS.

On hearing of the news of the Celebrity Blogger, Linda Ikeji making another emphatic statement regarding her pecuniary status, the above quote was what came to my mind.

Someone hilariously said,

I hear people saying their mate Linda Ikeji bought a house for N500m. How is she your mate? Anybody who buys a N500m house is not your mate.

I agree

I am no longer in the marriage market, but if I were, a person like Linda Ikeji would certainly be way out of my marriage league. I suspect she would be out of the marriage league of many many young men of marriageable age too.

Of course we have seen very many very rich bachelors / spinsters find true love effortlessly, but this post is talking generally



Money is said to answer all things. But I am of the opinion that money also simultaneously creates problems that money cannot definitively address.

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Yes, money would solve most problems, and we can safely conclude that there are very few things money cannot address. Unfortunately, some of those things are very vital. Money would not buy true friendship, love or health. Money could buy you great sex and even sex robots , but not true intimacy.

Imagine you are an eligible bachelor or spinster, nubile and searching. Would extreme wealth enhance your possibility of finding true love.. real, enduring friendship? Friendships, old friendships, have a way of fizzling out once one of the parties crosses over to another wealth orbit. The oscillatory frequency is just different and light and darkness would cease to have anything in common. Behold, old things have passed away.

It is the way of the world.

If you have watched the movie by Eddie Murphy, Coming To America, you would see that royalty and affluence actually have a way of complicating simple things that other of lower- (or no-) standing folks achieve almost effortlessly.

Real wealth have a way of alienating very rich folks from other less blessed. In line with the saying that, Birds of the same feather invariably flock together, the rich often necessarily have to flock with similarly rich people. If being extremely rich were common, we wouldn’t have so much glamour, public interest and grandeur trailing whatever the rich do, wherever they go, whatever they say, what car they buy, and who they consort with.

Thus, if you are a (wo)man looking for love, friendship or true canaraderie, a lot of disposable income is likely to create as many problems / questions as it solves /answers.

It is doubtful if a former President or Governor move about with the same freedom, associate with the same liberty or consort with the same flippancy that the average Joe in the street can? Your guess is as good as mine.

When you move into the elite class of the super rich, your life changes forever, and because a pyramid is less populated at the top than at the base, the number.of humans available for simple (but essential) things (that money cannot buy) simply thins out..

And then like the rich one Jesus told to go and dispose his wealth and follow him (NOT on Twitter!), the rich sometimes (often!) have to embrace the heavy opportunity cost of being different from the average Jane in the Street.

C’est la vie! (that’s life!)

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