Trypanosomiasis  is known in downtown circles as “sleeping sickness”. There are two Tecno N9 in my household. One of them is used by wifey, while the other is  general purpose, just lying around for general use. This tab has a virulent, latent case of infection by the trypanosome. I only got to know about this a week ago. These Tecno tablets have been working without issues for over one year of purchase. Until now.

On Christmas day, a prolonged visit from in-laws, along with their kids , exposed the soft underbelly of these Chinco Tabs. The children were busy streaming on one of the Tabs, playing games, having the time of their lives, non-stop,  until the Tab ran out of juice. Now, I understand that on Tabs that use MTK processors (mostly Chinco devices like Infinix, Huawei, Lenovo), allowing the battery to run out is not such a hot idea. The scenario that plays out is, once the battery of this Tab gets totally depleted, it would he impossible to charge it again!

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Plug into power, and the Tab shows no sign of life.!

This reminds one of the Blackberry Playbook that was said to suffer a similar ill. Once this situation happens, your only solution is, pull out the battery, charge externally (with an external charger) for a while, reinsert battery into tablet and life continues. This situation would be just a minor irritation if not for the fact that the Tablet uses a nonremovable battery. The ordinary user can not pry open the back to pull out the battery and charge externally.

Wetin man go do? Have to visit the Repair Shop each time Tab battery gets totally
depleted? Or, upload the darned Tab unto the next ignorant “mugu”?

One solution .. don’t make a habit of running  out, totally,  the battery of this device (and similar). For an adult, it is easy to abide with this., since you know the repercussion of not conforming. But for children watching Avatar on Christmas day (with PHCN having done what they know best… holding POWER), this is a problem.

Being a software person, I thought.. there should be an app for that. And there is. A cute solution is .. use an “Automation  app” to power off the tablet, automatically .. once the battery level reaches a  certain level (say 15%). Then charge above that battery level before attempting to switch the Tab on. And it worked admirably.

[Being able to switch off via an app requires that the Tab be ROOTed, however. This may be, or may not be  your thing.]

Children are busy watching “Nickelodeon”, battery falls to 15%, Tab switches off automatically (before the battery gets totally depleted). This is one of the reasons Android rocks my world. For most problems, there is an app for that. An app like “AutomaGic” or “Tasker” or “AutomateIt”, or……. you get the idea…  they are aplenty on Android.

A veritable life saver … in a messy situation like this. And a couple of others.

Thank you , Android.


  1. January 14, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    This is news to me. Need to find out.

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