There is always this tenuous line between legality and morality. The law has never really been independent of religion / morality.

My People Are Going To Learn The Principles Of Democracy The Dictates Of Truth And The Teachings Of Science. Superstition Must Go. Let Them Worship As They Will, Every Man Can Follow His Own Conscience Provided It Does Not Interfere With Sane Reason Or Bid Him Act Against The Liberty Of His Fellow Men… Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

On Sallah day, somebody asked a Nigerian, resident in Canadian,

Is Today A Public Holiday In Canada, Too? Do they have Muslim and Christian specific holidays, as we have here in Nigeria

And he got the response,

Muslim specific holidays aren’t recognized in Canada

I wrote the post.. All Play And No Work where I complained about too many holidays granted by government in Nigeria. Now, not only are there too many holidays, government seems to be at liberty to spend taxpayers’ money meddling in religious matters.

The Judiciary also seems to tread carefully where religious matters are involved.

Last I checked , Nigeria is a secular country, by law.

Here is the definition:


Adjective: Secular |Sek-yu-lur| Of Or Relating To The Doctrine That Rejects Religion And Religious Considerations

Not Concerned With Or Devoted To Religion  Secular Drama  Profane  Earthly, Impious, Laic, Lay, Profanatory, Secular, Temporal, Worldly

Secularity is not about how many people practice a religion, but the constitutional decision of the state to NOT be involved officially in religious matters .

It is therefore amazing when you read news like :

Sallah: Fayose Distributes Rams To Ekiti People


Osun State Governor Announces Free Train Ride For Sallah


LAGBUS To Provide Free Bus Rides On Christmas Day

…and we don’t seem to think there is anything wrong in deploying taxpayers’ resources to what is (or, should be) a strictly private matter.

Government has been sponsoring pilgrimages for years, and it is only in scanty instances you have protests like : FG, CBN, States, Others Sued For Sponsoring Pilgrimage

…with nothing coming out of these protests..

Someone tried to counter the notion that religion should be a private rather than public government affair by quoting:

In the words of Émile Durkheim , religion differs from private belief in that it is “something eminently social”

My response,

So, if I decide to worship the table in my sitting room as my god, is that eminently social?

Religion should actually be a private thing, and the state shouldn’t recognize, or meddle in it in any way.

What about holidays for the Sango worshippers, the Buddhists, the Igbe worshippers? etc.

Are you not marginalizing them by not allocating holidays to them, too (because they are in the minority)?

Where is the end to this?

Why is it that even the law hardly ever takes its course where religion is concerned. ? You can break environmental laws, Constitute Yourself Into A Nuisance and Pervert Justice, with seeming impunity?

Is The Law Officially Subservient To Religion In Nigeria?

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