Someone posts…

Lagos Hoodlums Clash Over Girlfriend, Vandalise 150 Vehicles. The Unnamed Lady Was Reportedly In A Relationship With Two Men, Each From The Two Factions.

You can Sink Your Fangs Into The Gory story here..

Pathetic, no?

Someone comments,

Of all things, imagine a  causing a fight that had 150 vehicles vandalized and many wounded.

Who said women are not powerful !!!!

I responded…

It s not really about women having Power. It is more about those men not exercising brainpower (if they have any)..

History is replete with men, powerful, puny,  strong, weak, failing to use their brains where women are concerned. From the Bible days, we have had the most powerful men making compound fools of themselves, the Samsons, etc.

Blessed Is The Full Blooded Man Who Can Not Be Made A Fool Of By A Woman He Desires.

Countries have gone to war on account of a woman, and you just wonder, are men really like babies where women are concerned?. Is the basal instinct for men to show masculinity to impress the female folks as strong as it was when men were beasts – forcefully carrying women away, instead of using (persuasive) charms?

Powerful men love to show power in the boardroom, pulling one over one another in intricate business deals. But it would appear the bedroom (the oza room) is actually where battles are lost by (powerful) men to the weaker vessels.

It Is Said That A Woman Can Make A Man Do Anything If She Knows The Right Buttons To. Press, And How To Massage His Ego.

Is the world not TRULY run by women?

We can now understand why all those Devastating Hurricanes are given female names. Give it up for the women, the Rulers of the World!

Yes. The women have it

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