The Substitution Of Prostitution With Restitution

So, a debate came up recently, where somebody was trying to justify prostitution.

The ignition point of the debate was the report saying, Ime Bishop Says Police Forcefully Having Sex With Sex Workers Is Theft, Not Rape.

This is the report

I happen to agree with this point of view.

When you sell something and it’s taken forcefully from you, that is
theft. Clearly what the policemen have
done is theft, and not rape.Just plain stealing. The prostitutes already sell sex to every dog and cat anyway..

Someone says ,

Can we agree on something here, please? Are the prostitutes not offering sex in exchange for money?

If what you are selling is taken without payment, what will it be termed? Stealing, I believe.


Somebody then attempted a spirited defence of the scarlet women, thus,

We are talking about woman dignity here.

Even if they were hookers, they do it voluntarily with expectations of some rewards. What the policemen did is totally condemnable.

Ime Bishop may attempt a joke at it, but these women deserve their dignity.

What the policemen did was wrong just as it would have been wrong if they collected money instead of sex.


Talking about Dignity and prostitutes in the same sentence sounds oxymoronic.

The “Defender of the Prostitutes” continues,

Prostitution is a trade like any other trade. Prostitutes have responsibilities. They pay taxes.

Ask many of them if it’s something they enjoy doing. Please, count your blessings.

A woman selling her body professionally in a brothel or by the roadside has dignity? Wlite many women would sell or use sex as a weapon to get things like promotion in the office or getting contracts, a woman that actually adopts prostitution as a profession has crossed a line.

I can’t really imagine what situation will make a woman decide that the way to earn money is to professionally open the body up to any man that can pay.

Even animals have to get familiar with each other before they copulate!

The Defender says further

I know someone who owns a brothel. He’s a good customer of mine. I learnt some things about the ladies he engages. so I have inside knowledge of some of these things… it is not quite as straight-forward as you think

It’s easy for you pontificate because you are comfortable! Take time to speak with them, maybe some understanding will hit you

Well, I am not buying any of this. To me, iit s like justifying the action of a guy that goes into armed robbery because he couldn’t secure a job for 10 years or cannot make a living for whatever reason…

I know about all the sob story of…

I am the only one fending for my siblings,

I have to fend for my aged parents

… blablabla..

That is not enough reason to turn into a professional prostitute!

Why hasn’t every guy that has financial trouble gone into robbery..??

We need to understand thatdifferent people have different thresholds to be standing hardship

…he insists.

Those that go into prostitution because of financial hardship don’t deserve any empathy.. They are simply. lazy.

-If you go to motor parks to sell pure water, or rice & stew, at the end of the day you will bring in 500 naira.

-There are people that carry loads at markets called “alabaru”.

-People assist those selling food in restaurants to wash plates and serve customers. there are so many options.

To me, the typical prostitute is either a nymphomaniac or a lazy idiot.. that is all there is to it ..

He then brings In a spiritual dimension.

I am surprised that a rooted yoruba man like you would not understand that there could be a spiritual dimension to prostitution..

There’s “Gbetugbetu ” (a compelling spell) if you ain’t fortified enough,if used on you….sorry is your case..

That was when I fled the conversation.

I cannot shout.

Do you believe there are any extenuating or harrowing circumstances that will push a woman to selling her body for a living, or for a man to go into armed robbery, just because of financial hardship?

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