Perhaps I should have titled this ‘the objectification of sex’.

Brothel Rents Out Sex Doll For 100 Euros Per Hour was the trigger for this post.

Someone remarks,

We probably have highbrow brothels in Nigeria already offering sex dolls now. If we don’t yet have them, some smart businessmen pimps would soon import them, and offer them instead of the human variety. Much cheaper from an investment point of view.

Also, Sex doll wouldn’t give you STIs, among other benefits, so may attract more clients..

There is Harmony, a robot that smiles, frowns, blinks , can hold a conversation, tell jokes, quote Shakespeare, remember your birthday, and of course have sex with you any time you wish. Harmony is endowed with “natural” movements, and the user can choose from several personalities like “intellectual”, “submissive”, etc..

Among other manufacturers, Android Love Doll, True Companion, and Sex Bot Company, have invested in the sexual robot space, offering them at prices ranging from $5K to $15K. These companies are already enjoying huge patronage and we will likely see more companies like these spring up.

sex doll

Robots are already available for elderly people in nursing homes, which may be problematic. If you are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, you can not differentiate between robots and humans.

There are already sex toys and other adult entertainment apparatuses. There is a bludgeoning multi billion dollar industry catering to this. Robotized humanoid sex toys are just a next technological step.

We need to think about how our societies want to respond to the invasion of these robots. About two-thirds of men are in favor of sexual robots, compared with 30% of women. These are very high figures.

Clearly, creating a pornographic representation of the woman’s body, and turning it into a sexual machine capable of attributes close to the human counterpart, objectifies females. This is likely to have a very negative sociological impact.

Some of these robots are being made to be as ‘womanoid’ as possible by programming “reluctant” sex dolls so users can feel they are persuading robots to have sex – something you sometimes have to do with flesh and blood women. Some sexual robots can be programmed to be more, or less, willing, according to the desires of the consumers.

There are even companies marketing baby dolls for pedophiles!!.

sex doll

Obviously, there are advantages to this trend of robots playing the role of sexual partners.

  • For numerous people who for various reasons have no one to love or nobody to love them, robots will be an alternative.
  • The robots won’t give you sexually transmitted diseases and could actually reduce the prevalence of HIV / AIDS.
  • The rampancy of rapes in sexually repressed societies, and generally, could plummet.
  • Robots don’t get sick, have headaches, get moody, and have the other undesirable emotions that a human sexual mate would have.

    On the flip side, societies like Japan where there is lack of interest in the opposite sex would have a worsening of the situation. This could affect the already low rates of marriage and births.

    From a practical point of view, these robots solve a lot of societal problems while simultaneously creating other sociological ones.

    Yes; when technology starts interfering in things that make us human (relationships), then, we can agree that The Fear Of Technology Is Not Misplaced

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