The Scourge Of Fake Replacement Parts

So, someone narrated how he had to replace his smartphone’s QuickCharge fast_charger because of a voltage fluctuation that toasted the charger at a holiday resort. He bought another one that has the same looks and exact specifications like the one that burnt, but the charger failed to quick_charge the phone.

This is a similar situation with cars – where the aftermarket parts are hardly ever as good as the original parts, often making a money of good mechanics.

The same thing clearly applies to smartphones, and so many other gadgets whenever an OEM part needs to be replaced with a third_party one .

You replace your phone battery, and you discover it isn’t as good as the one that came with the phone. Ditto, the charging port (went through that recently). Original_looking fakes abound and you wouldn’t realize the fakery until you put those things into operation..

My fast_charger gave a fiery belch shortly after changing my charging port. I bought a replacement only to discover it heats up like a furnace when charging. I intermittently have to disconnect it, cool it down with a piece of handkerchief soaked in water, before continuing charging.

Of course, if I have to charge overnight, I am toast, like the charger!

Your guess is as good as mine. Yes – it burnt within a week of a couple of overnight charging. I won’t sleep because I need to charge a phone? Money down the drain!

I got another charger with all the correct ratings inscribed on the body, which heats up a lot less than the former one that burnt – but still significantly note than the one that originally came with the phone.. Still serving after three weeks… fingers crossed. No explosion – yet..

Even the charging port that got replaced has now left me with a situation where network signal reception has degraded badly, and I am usually only able to receive network signal on only one of the SiM slots on my double_SiM phone.

I was in an eatery yesterday when all signals vanished on the phone, and luckily I had a spare palasha phone with me to keep in touch the person I had a meeting with. The life of being a citizen in a country that is a dumping ground for substandard Chinese products.

Checking the problem online showed that there are fake replacement charging_ports all over, and getting the proper one is tough. Similar situation exists for other phone models different from mine, with the effect being the same as I experienced – unreliable / shaky network signal reception .

I am making do with the decapitated smartphone, as is, for now.

Somebody got a fuel pump for his Toyota Corolla. After a week, it has left him stranded on a journey to his village during the yuletide. He is bitter.

Shopping for an original pump, the Briscoe prices sent him into an “anaphylactic shock’ . 4.5K fake compared to 85K original. He got a middle of the range for about 13K. Seems okay…. for now.

So my trusty Honda EleMax DX2900 generator has been misbehaving for. days. It still starts instantaneously, runs remarkably smoothly after five years of ownership. But the output voltage fluctuates, is often low (like 90Volts) and thus unusable if I connect it to a stabilizer, where the “delay function” keeps kicking in and cutting off the electrical output.

Googling the subject revealed a possibly faulty Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). I remembered it was changed some one-and-a-half years ago, and the output voltage has been wobbly from then on, and only recently became worse.

I have also heard there are too many fake AVR in the market, and getting a “follow come” is a surer bet than buying a new one as replacement.

I am still dithering and undecided, and have resorted to not using the electric generator with a stabilizer. The possibility of getting an incompetent technician, coupled with substandard parts that could ‘scatter the head’ of the generator is making me reluctant to get the generator examined, as it is still serves me – somewhat – and has been completely trouble_free in five years of use


Clearly, getting original replacement parts for things is tough. Chinese knockoffs everywhere. They are even trying to produce knock_off babies.. recently.. 😉

But we must still thank God for Chinese products and parts. Without them, many things would be out of reach of the struggling masses.

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