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Someone says, “It’s not your words that matter; it is the genuineness of your heart.”

This lie has got to stop. Your words matter. You cannot go about talking irresponsibly, hurting people, and causing damage with your words and claim that your heart is genuine.

Your words reflect your heart. I can’t see your heart. No-one can. Your words, alongside your actions, show us what your heart is like. If your words are damaging to your friends and loved ones, there’s something wrong with your heart.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Your words matter.

You can’t ALWAYS judge a book by its cover, or can you? A decorated monkey is still a monkey. Somebody with slimy internals can easily adorn himself with beautiful apparel and uber_sophisticated patina, with no hair strand out of place. It doesn’t prove a noble or good heart. The one with the gruff if caustic tongue, a crude and abrasive personality is not an exemplification of a wicked heart, either.

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks?. The question is which portion of that abundance is being spoken?

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Perhaps the blogger up there has never heard of “playing the devil’s advocate”? What you say is not necessarily a reflection of your heart.

Words are cheap. It is precisely because no one can see the heart of another that it would be unsound to determine what is in the heart of a man, despite his words. I would rather watch s man’s actions than come to conclusions based on words. Isn’t it said that (in)actions speak more eloquently than words?

My mentor says, listen to their words, and you can predict their financial future. I don’t think so. If we say that words show what’s in the heart (always?), what about the reticent individuals? Can we conclude that quiet individuals have an empty head? Or, a vacuous heart? Sure, quietness may indicate an empty head, but there are geniuses who don’t say much. Concluding that what someone says is a reflection of his thought processes is falling into the sin of hasty generalization.

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If what we say is always a reflection of what we are thinking, or what’s in our hearts, how come most public officials and career politicians say the right things, with NO INTENTION of doing those things.? We have seen multiple instances of Pastors who mount the pulpit to preach holiness, but are anything but holy.

These show abundantly that what we say is not necessarily always a reflection of whats going on in our minds. The heart if man is desperately DECEPTIVE.

A holy book says, guard your heart with all diligence. A sugar-coated tongue dripping with honey, adorned with dulcet tones is useless if your heart and intentions are wicked.

In my few decades on earth, I have discovered that the most manipulative individuals have the most pleasant and suave personalities, and are masters in befuddling the mind with mellifluous words.

By all means, have a caustic tongue,have a gruff manner,if you will, but your heart… make sure that is as pure as possible, and your intentions mercurially pure. Even with the right words you would still rub some people the wrong way, so you might as well say things the way you see them.

Do you come to conclusions about people based on their words.. what they say and the way they say them?

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