The Ritualization Of Organs!

A neighbor and I were discussing recently about what one can do to protect himself / herself from the menace of kidnappers.

Short of being in possession of a gun, what can you really do when gunmen waylay your vehicle on the road, take over, and drive you into the bush for their dastardly purposes? Didn’t we say Violence Is The Best Method To Counter Violence, especially in an environment where your security is mostly in your (/ God’s) hands ??

Now, kidnappers kidnap for money.Or.. for human parts! What they would do with the parts decapitated from their victims is up in the air!

After Drinking Pap With Human Parts, Spirits ll Bring Us Money


Subsequently, elsewhere, an argument recently ensued when the news broke :

Man Caught With Human Eyeball In Niger, Offered For Sale At 250,000 Naira

Suspected Ritualists Murder Young Lady; Remove Vital Organs.

These people.. what do they do with eyeballs, heads, and hands that they harvest from victims?. Far as we can tell, cannibalism is no longer a thing in most parts of Nigeria, so we can safely discount that.

Generally, when the year is moving to a close, you find this kind of gory news becoming rampant, with the general wisdom being that ritualists out to make money supernaturally use human parts in mysticisms! Human parts to do money ritual! In the 21st century

But then, another school of thought believes that these macabre decapitations are organ_harvesting, for transplants, as we have very commonly in Asia.

You could go for some medical procedure in a place like India and realize a kidney is missing much later. The kidney would have been sold by an unscrupulous doctor! This is of course because there is a worldwide long queue for parts like the kidney. A bludgeoning worldwide trade!

Someone says,

They now kidnap travellers in buses, and go and dismantle them for parts! Lord have mercy !

But, for those who believe that these happenings are mostly to harvest organs for transplant, I believe that the harvesting of organs for illegal sale can’t be done in the bush, without assured electricity, qualified doctors, adequate medical.facilities, a sterile environment.

We generally don’t have rampant equipment or facilities to handle human parts harvesting. Minimally, we are talking about about keeping these organs fresh as they come, at certain temperature for example, all these would require special equipment for conservation, even special transport facility.

Testing to see if you can donate a kidney begins with a blood test. The test will determine your blood type and if it will match the recipient’s blood (compatibility). If your blood type is compatible with the recipient, two more blood tests will be done (tissue typing and cross-matching..

Apparently this kidnapped at random would not necessarily have adequate recipients for whatever organs are harvested. And you can’t quite be storing organs illegally – without being discovered swiftly.. eventually.

Even without having to operate clandestinely, medical facilities have issues with major surgeries here on Nigeria.
Now, imagine when the decapitations have to be done in secrecy. AND the organs have to be preserved AND transported to wherever they are needed.

A doctor has to perform the surgeries to remove the organs and preserve, not some thug with crude unsterilized knives just cutting out organs anyhow!

Would we reasonably say that
people who are caught with fresh heads, eyeballs, or breasts, transporting in sacs – are doing so for transplant reasons?

Obviously not!


While we go our legitimate businesses, we need to apply as much common sense as much as possible. This won’t totally rule out the possibility of getting abducted, but should help.

Common sense, precautions.

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