It is said that the meek shall inherit the earth. Events don’t seem to be indicating that yet.

For whoever has, to him more shall be given , and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away and given to he who has.

So says a holy Book. I don’t get that.

A recent report says: Oyakhilome Splashes N1 Billion Naira on Benson Idahosa University. That university is one of those owned by religious organizations in the country, that also charges some good money.

Depending on what fedora you have perched on your noggin, this donation could be seen as a highly laudable, philanthropic and magnanimous gesture, or could be seen as a furtherance / perpetuation of elitism.

Surely there are numerous other areas of crying need in this impoverished society that could benefit more from a Billion Naira largesse, than an Elitist University?

Please tell me something!

A Nigerian pentecostal church

Somebody reacts,

Why didn’t he use it to sponsor some of the thousands of students in his church who can not afford to go to school? Benson Idahosa University doesn’t need the billion Naira.

I know a lot of students/schools that still do “arangee” to pass WAEC \ NECO. Why not setup an affordable (if not free) but sound tutorial centers that will ensure they teach students to pass the exams even if it would be for their members only? That school doesn’t need the money at all. They charge students high enough, as it is.

Some would probably jump in and say the religious organizations are spray doing plenty for society. Maybe.

There is currently a protest examining the propriety of schools owned by mega churches charging exorbitantly. These people feel schools owned by churches should be free. After all, some say, the schools are funded from tithe freely given; why shouldn’t they be free for the church members (at least)?

Besides the tithe, offering and donations are still rolling in day in day out.


Someone countered,

I’m not even saying the schools should be totally free, but they should be affordable, particularly to the church members whose money was used to bankroll these schools

Another also opined,

As long as we keep putting these Religious Leaders on a pedestal and eulogizing them as demi gods, they use that opportunity to milk us for everything we’ve got, and we have ABSOLUTELY no excuse to scream blue murder.

There was a time government was contemplating enforcing mandatory auditing and taxation on churches and other religious organizations. That does not seem to be in the cards anymore.

When churches go into commercial ventures, who makes money from the proceeds? Some even own universities outside Nigeria, and some even have businesses as diverse as television stations, printing press and dabble into big league real estate businesses, nicely hidden under the umbrella of church business!

Are churches not supposed to be non profit organizations?

Is it not an irony that some of the richest pastors are black men and some of the biggest churches in the world are either founded by blacks or resident in black Africa [afflicted with so much poverty]?

Shouldn’t the profits made by these commercialized churches be shared among members according to their tithe?

Then, going over to the people who sold doves, he told them,”Get these things out of here. Stop turning my Father’s house into a marketplace

What’s a church or other religious places got to do with commerce, by the way? And if we agree they have gone commercial, then the laws governing other commercial ventures should be accordingly applied, including proper financial structures like auditing, shareholding, profit sharing, having board of directors and AGMs.

When are we going to have the shares of a Church listed on the Floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange?

Your view?

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