Someone and I were having a discussion when he casually said ..

You Can’t Make Money Without Being Hard

Say what?

A few weeks later, somebody else more or less echoed the same sentiments by saying,

You Have To Be Ruthless To Be Rich.

Ruthless – Cold Hearted, Pityless, Merciless, Selfish

Psychologists say, the richer and more powerful a person is, the less empathy he or she is likely to have for people who are lower in status.

My mentor says, to be wealthy, you don’t just have to want, wish, or desire wealth. You have to CRAVE IT. Maybe, that’s where the ruthlessness part comes in.

I recently ran into an article on psychology discussing the mindset of the rich. While it would appear you would need to be indifferent to stepping on people to get to where you are going (if necessary), having become rich seems to reinforce the lack of empathy that got you wealthy in the first place.

The article states that money changes everything, and people in the upper classes tend to consider themselves very different from, and superior to others.

Money corrupts, and absolute money corrupts absolutely

There is almost always an exception to every generation, of course.

The pursuit of wealth has been associated with immoral behavior. Psychologists who have studied the impact of wealth and inequality on human behavior have found that money can exert a great influence on our thoughts / actions without our being aware of it.

Studies have shown that possession of wealth may lessen empathy and compassion and that the less affluent are more empathetic than the richest.

Bill Gates, for instance would donate good money for causes, but be total unmoved by personal disasters

While lacking material resources creates greater emotional intelligence, having more resources can be the sole source of nonchalance for the lower class. Wealth may obscure moral judgment as well as cause someone to feel a sense of entitlement.

Have a look at Do You Have To Be Ruthless To Be Unbelievably Successful? and Why the Rich & Powerful Have Less Empathy


I suppose you need to be doing something different, or differently, to be in the upper rich class, and being ruthless may just be one of the attributes to reach and stay on the Super Rich Highway.

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