The Presumptuousness Of Assumption.

One Of The Biggest Assumptions We Make Is That The Lies We Believe Are The Truth!

I own an InfiniX Note 2 (x600) that is over three years old. It has been so problem_free and served me so meritoriously that I am now a staunch loyalist to the InfiniX Brand.

People who complain about the InfiniX brand had often had two things they gripe about

– that it tends to overheat (especially when being charged)

– it has charging-related problems which eventually manifest after some time of use.

As to overheating, perhaps that is peculiar to specific models. Or, to models in times past. I have not experienced anything alarming with my InfiniX Note 2 (x600, 2 GB), as regards overheating.

The second problem with charging. Many people complain that the quick-charge of the InfiniX Brand eventually fails. You then have a situation where you plug in a phone to charge overnight, and wake up to discover that it hasn’t charged even 2% in seven hours. That can be so annoying and devastating if you rely your phone a lot for productivity (I do).

Quick-charging is what enables a phone to charge-up multiple times faster than the conventional charging rate. It is why a phone with that facility can charge from zero to about 90% in one hour. The magic is a combination of some circuitry in the phone itself, plus the specific charger with quick-charge facility built in too.

The phone circuitry determines when to activate the fast-charging, and when to throttle back to trickle / conventional charging.

The problem happens when the phone stubbornly refuses to activate the fast-charging when you plug in the phone to charge. You can then be sure that the phone would charge maybe 2% extra in seven hours of plugging.

Note that the InfiniX Note 2 (x600) has irremovable battery, so removing the battery to charge with an external charger is out of the question.

For the first two years of my owning the phone, I never experienced any charging issue. Over time, however, I was having that problem crippling up from time to refusing to charge-up despite being plugged in, and sometimes charging correctly.

You can tell when the fast charge is active with the double lightning icons on the phone. (If the icon is single, it means the charging is trickle). If the phone is switched off, you would know if it is fast-charging from the big blue animated battery symbol. If it is not blue, forget it, the charging won’t happen.

There doesn’t seem to be any particular pattern as to when the phone chooses to fast charge, or not . Swapping different USB cables I have around doesn’t solve the situation.

I bought another USB charging cable, eventually, and all seemed well for a while.

Then the problem came back again, sign gusto.

Talking to technicians about the problem, they would tell you the problem is the charging port, and once they change it, things would be okay.

I was not convinced. Googling for a solution, the proposed solution like cleaning the contact points, etc, did not work for me.

Recently, even despite trying multiple USB charging cables, I was unable to reliably get the phone to quick-charge, despite unplugging and plugging back numerous times, in frustration!.

I was already concluding it was time to change the phone to another brand, when I happened to encounter a guy who had a charging cable that looked different from the ones you commonly find around. This looks “solid” and qualitative _with blue and gold stripes, and a thickness more than conventional ones.

I tried this cable with my own charger, and voila, my charging woes are over. This particular cable used with my “follow-come” charger charges the phone correctly – every single time- without fail.

Can one then infer that perhaps the USB cables that are commonly available in the market are of low quality?. Perhaps, over time, they lose their conductivity, or the cable resistance increases – making the quick-charge to fail after some time, intermittently?

With this new qualitative looking USB charging-cable that works so reliably, let’s watch out if the problem would relapse or not. From the looks alone, however, from the quality it oozes, I have the hunch that my charging problems with this InfiniX phone are finally over. I can enjoy the phone in peace for another one year, when I plan to change it for another InfiniX.


For me, the lesson to learn here is that assumptions can be wrong, and even costly. Imagine if a phone technician had started fiddling with my charging-port and damaged something – when the problem is not even related to the onboard port!

And for people who firmly believe that the InfiniX brand is problematic with charging, I want to believe the low quality cables sold around (and even the one that comes with the phone itself – which failed within the first year) are the cause of the notorious charging problem. Not the phone itself.

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