Take a look at the Ministerial List forwarded to the National Assembly for approval. Something strikes you. The present belongs to the old (mostly). Where are the thirty-something year olds-the youth ? How old is the President himself (coming back to rule thirty years after leaving the saddle)? What about OBJ? When the youths were given a chance to rule, what did they make of this chance in six years?

Now, this post is not about politics. Just pointing out that younger / newer is not always better.

I once said, Backwards is sometimes the way forward

This post is a kind of sequel.

We all know that charting a new path has its rewards. It is also fraught with dangers. Perhaps the grass is greener where you stand?, while you are busy lusting after that “next big thing” not yet within your grasp?

Embarking on anything new may have its perils (as well as its rewards). Do we all need to be a traveller, navigating uncharted territories? Or, would you choose the well trodden path that others have traversed in the past?

A lot of gadget lovers and car aficionados want to be seen with the latest and most shiny versions of their toys. “Show me your toys and I would tell you who you are” is a popular saying.

This is why the Apple iToy lovers always scramble to upgrade their iPhone yearly once new ones are released, even if there isn’t much difference from last year’s edition.

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Many of us want to be the first to use specific products for bragging rights. We all want to be seen as trendy and up-to-date, always wafting along the bleeding edge of things. Whether it is in cars, SmartWatch cameras, smartphone Operating System, household electronics, phone applications , we assume that the newest version would be better than the earlier versions.

You think so?

Time has proved again and again that this is a fallacy. Often, the additional complexities, or new design you have in newer version products is exactly what makes them liable to malfunction. That new Operating system that you rush to update your smartphone to may give you anguish later. If the ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’ action is reversible, without much sorrow, fine. If not, you are on your own. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

The latest Google Keyboard application on the Android platform in smartphones is an example of the newest not necessarily being the better. The newest version strips away the awesome ability of macro expansion (where I type ‘pmb’ and have it expanded to ‘President Muhammad Buhari’ or I type ‘tgif’ and it gets expanded to ‘Thank God It’s Friday!’) . Other similar keyboard apps like SwiftKey and Swype have lacked this ability for years, and for a keyboard which had this facility to suddenly eliminate it is simply appalling.

A true regression, there.

If I want to buy a car (new or used) , I would likely imagine that the newer the model, the wiser my decision. But it has happened time and time again where new(er) models of vehicles have serious issues that older models don’t have.

They don’t build ’em like that anymore is something we hear time and time again. When a product has been around for a while, the people already know the strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can buy with confidence. But can you be so sure that the new exotic Hyundai Santa Fe would not have gearbox problems after 100,000 km? Are you absolutely persuaded that the iPhone 6S Plus you want to shell out money on wouldn’t have fingerprint scanner overheating issues, turning it into a glorified cigarette lighter?

I bought a new model Nokia 5800 smartphone years ago. It was the first touchscreen smartphone from the Tech giant. Being a Nokia and with the reputation they established over years, I never thought I would have problems. Guess what? The screen had problems which was peculiar to the first batch brought to the market.

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Have a look at some Hyundai Sonata catastrophically failing
after some hundred thousand kilometers. Or, that ritzy late model Honda Accord with premature brakepad_wearing issues , which recurrently needlessly wastes you money. Before you shell out money on any product, do you do so based on whether it is the latest, or you do your due diligence, irrespective of the release date?

You buy a four year old vehicle and you feel you are taking a wise decision investing in a latest model vehicle?. But you forget that it is still new enough that problems peculiar to it (if any) may not be widely known yet, as these would take some mileage of use to manifest .

For items that don’t cost a lot of money, perhaps it doesn’t matter taking a gamble going for the latest version / model available. But if the cash outlay is hefty (for you), it may be better to avoid being an early adopter (or sacrificial anode) of anything. Whether it is a new medical surgical procedure, or procuring aircrafts at governmental level (some brand new model Boeing Planes had major faults the other time), a new product or a new version of an old product sometimes have (major) technical kinks which have to be straightened out later. And that could cost resources like time and money which you may not have available at the point the problems manifest.

Therefore, go for the old models, go for gold, be unfashionable, grab peace of mind.

And, ignore the snide remarks.

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