PowerBanks are dying. One could easily substitute ‘camera’ for ‘powerbanks’, but that’ a topic for another day.

Smartphones keep evolving. From the time when a phone was just for making calls and sending SMS and no more, we have progressed to the stage where the smartphone is a Swiss Army knife of utensils, or utility. An FM Radio, digital camera, satellite TV receiver, pedometer, gyroscope and so on and so on, the unrelenting effort to cram as much functionality as possible into our devices is ongoing.

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All these functionalities require progressively more and more power. Like a car being useless if it has no fuel inside, a smartphone is just a lump of lethal metal or plastic if the battery keeps dying on you prematurely.

This is why OEMs relentlessly look for means of making our Mobile devices last longer on single charges. A two-pronged approach has been adopted … look for ways to make the device consume less power (via more efficient multicore processors and components),  or, imbue devices with bigger batteries.

The problem of the first approach is the real technological limits achievable, given the myriad / variety of functions the ultra powerful Smartphones perform.

The second approach of installing humongous batteries is the problem of weight and thickness. Bigger battery,  bigger volume, weightier weight. Many people dislike Mobile devices that are thick or heavy. In an era where Smartphones features are being compared feature for feature, using an atomic microscope,  a manufacturer runs a grave risk by deviating from the anorexic trend of thinness and lightness.
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Some Chinese companies,  notably Lenovo, Gionee, Infinix and THL have been able to provide their phones / Tablets with amazing battery (life) while not making the phone too thick. Given that there is nothing else to push (currently) regarding battery technology, it’s a case of choosing a light and thin device, and having compromised battery size/life, or embracing the extra thickness/weigh that’s no G battery dictates and having a device that eliminates frequent charging permanently.

Recently, one of the Chinese miracle workers is reported to be about to release a phone powered by a whopping battery Of 10,000 (ten thousand) mAh.

Ten thousand!!! I am hyperventilating. Have a Look New Oukitel Smartphone Holds Massive 10,000 mAh Battery.

With phones now routinely packing 5,000 or 6,000 mAh, powerbanks would soon be a thing of the past.

And while at it, the more popular brands (in this part of the world) would do well to pay more attention to improving the current battery tech, and longevity. Clearly,  there are people who would sacrifice weight / thinness for a phone that would not need recharging for days.

I am one such alien, and we are proliferating rapidly.

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