A tortoise was known to be an indefatigable trouble maker in a community. One day the father decided to hang him upside down, on the scorching sun, on a palm tree on a market day.

When the villagers were going to the market in the morning, they were very happy and praised his father for taking the necessary corrective step to address the tortoise’s recalcitrance.

On their way back from the market in the evening, the tortoise was still hanging and almost dead. The same people started abusing the father for being so insensitive no matter the offense the tortoise committed.

The cure to a headache surely is not the decapitation of the head

… they wailed.

At this point, the tortoise managed to raise his head and told them that it is the same mouth that they used in praising his father in the morning is what they used to abuse him in the evening.

In recent times, there have been reports of vastly improved public power supply all over by he country. I simply adopted the Bola Ige attitude.. . siddon look

Why? Read on!

You hear people exclaim in amazement that they are having long hours (and days!) of uninterrupted power supply, with some having to switch off /on their freezer every other day .. to avoid the breaking of bottles in the freezer.

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Now, the story seems to have changed again for the worse. And of course, trust Nigerians to be quick to praise and even swifter to condemn. They are shouting that things have gone back to status quo, and the eulogy of General Muhammad Buhari as a miracle worker (in this instance) is premature.

Of course, this is premature. Both the lofty expectations and subsequent criticism are candidates for the incubator!


We are back to square one. PHCN has been giving us light for only 1hour per day in the last three weeks. So, what is going on?

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I would love to liken the momentary perceived improvement in public power, and subsequent euohoria to a poor individual that suddenly comes into serious money.. maybe through hitting a jackpot in a lottery or a kidnapping scheme, or having a hefty inheritance bequeathed suddenly by a dead Aunty.

This “nouveau riche ” is only “rich” in theory because he probably lacks the Millionaire Mindset. He may do what the rich do (for a while) by adorning the trappings of the rich.. like acquiring the latest “wonders on wheels” and buying up exotic mansions. If the foundation is suspect (the mindset to manage money properly and make it grow), he would soon go back to his true level. Poverty.

Water always finds its level.

Similarly, we cannot realistically expect that the power situation would sustainably improve tremendously overnight (after four months!). Despite lots of corrupt practices in the power sector probably having been somewhat checkmated, that alone cannot give us enduring improved power supply.

In addition to the efficiencies that would manifest due to the reduced corruption level, actual additional power generation would be necessary. Additional transmission lines to convey the additional power would be required and the distribution too would take some time and money.

While money can move mountains, it can’t move the mountain overnight. Money can buy almost everything. But it can not buy life. Nor can it buy time directly

The rot in the power sector cannot be addressed with a magic wand overnight. It would take some good money to invigorate generation, transmission and distributive capacities. And it would surely some time, as. Rome cannot he built in a day (although it can be destroyed in a second).

So, people wailing, moaning and engaging in hair pulling concerning the epileptic flipflopping nature of power currently should take a chill pill and calm down.

We have a federal government that is dogged, focused, “slow but steady”. When you plan to build a skyscraper, you have to Pay Good Attention To The Foundation.

After all, Miss Patience Can Cook A Rock Successfully. All it would take is persistence and time

With focus, judicious application of money and time, I am persuaded the power problem (as well as the other national challenges) would get solved sustainability and systematically.

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