There is no point in pointing fingers because there are three fingers pointing back at you.

– Hansika Motwani

Someone says,

Politicians are repackaging, forming new parties…to grab power and corner our commonwealth in 2019.

What is your own plan, folks? Are you going to continue to be Complainant In Chief (C-In-C)?

Wake up and join a party to take Nigeria back .

Enough is Enough

Now, this sounds good. But how practical is the take Nigeria back portion?

The political jostling has taken on a more febrile dimension with Raymond Dokpesi, the owner of DAAR communications and Dan Iwuanyanwu forming a new political party called Advanced Peoples Democratic Alliance (APDA), among other parties licensed recently.


Evil continues when good people stand aside and watch. That could very well be the thinking behind the above call for people to join a political party and have a direct say in how the country is run, and generally turn the ship of state around.

I responded,

Nigeria is already a big party which needs reformation right from the individual unit.
A political party is a microcosm of the larger political party called Nigeria, and is only as good As The Quality Of The Constituent Members.

Political Parties don’t vet the character of those joining, so there is no guarantee of ‘taking Nigeria back’ until the ‘man in the mirror’ positively changes his mindset…

When Nigerians complain about their rulers misruling, we tend to forget that these people were once followers, like the majority of us. They live(d ) and dwell(ed) among us. It is when they cross to the other side of the ‘governance divide’ that we see things in the light of ‘we versus them’.

But the problem is not with the leaders.. the problem is with the followers who breed, nurture and sustain the chosen leaders .. . right from among the populace.

Therefore, as we get ready for 2019, let us realize that our leaders don’t come from outer space. They reflect our values (positive or negative), and are simply a reflection of the larger society.

You cannot expect a honest leader with integrity when you yourself cut corners and cheat business associates whenever you have the chance.

That’s hypocrisy.

Each time you (attempt to) jump a queue, or backstab to get that promotion in the office, you forfeit the moral right to complain when things don’t work right in the country. The government clique that we tend to believe is the source of our problems is peopled by ordinary people in the streets like you and I.

Therefore, let us start our reformative drive from the ‘man in the mirror’ – YOU/ME . With that, the probability of choosing altruistic leaders becomes higher..

On to 2019!

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