Just like the vulture is a patient bird.

The following story is something worth thinking about. 

Some time past, in a land long lost, , dozens of pigeons were living together without any rancour on top of a  roof – in a Temple.

Peace abound among them.

Due to the need to renovate this Ancient Temple for a yearly feast,  the pigeons were compelled to relocate to a neighboring Church .The pigeons already existing  in the Church welcomed their brothers and sisters enthusiastically.

As happens with the Temole, this  Church had to be spruced up in time for Christmas celebrations, necessitating that all  pigeons inhabiting the church move elsewhere. 

Luckily a  Mosque close by ensured they are not rendered shelter-less. The existing pigeon_citizens  of The Mosque again gladly welcome them all.

Along rolled in the Ramadan period, and the Mosque had to be given a glistening coat of new paint, as was befitting of that imminent festival. All the itinerant pigeons relocated together – back  to the Ancient Temple.

One day one infant pigeon – from high in the rooftops – noticed some bickering, from its vantage point, far below – in the  market place. Christians were quarrelling with Moslems while the Hindus were trying to pacify the two sides unsuccessfully.

Baby pigeon, having never experienced any quarrelsomeness in the Pigeon-Community it was raised asked the mother pigeon who were those, and what was going on.

Mother Pigeon responded  “They are human beings, having an acerbic  disagreement which degenerated into physical combat!”.

Baby Pigeon asked  what the racket / pandemonium was about.

The human beings attending the Temple are called ‘Hindus’, those going to  Church call themselves ‘Christians’ while the ones worshipping in the Mosque are called ‘Muslims”. They are having a religious argument which degenerated into physical combat.

Baby pigeon frowned, then asked, But, when we were in the Temple we were called Pigeons, when we were in the church we were called Pigeons and when we were in the Mosque, we were still Pigeons. Why don’t they  just see and called themselves “Human beings'” -wherever they are located”?

Mother Pigeon nodded,  said,

‘You, me and our Pigeon friends have a deeper appreciation of life, the reason we are able to live here together harmoniously.

Conversely,  these humans haven’t experienced experience what true living is about. This is the reason why they are far beneath us, always fighting, maiming and killing despite all of them being human beings –  created by the same Creator they claim to serve in their respective places of worship!

Religion rather than being a means of WORship is being turned into a WARship.

Yes; there will be peace if they see themselves as human beings first, instead  of as Hindus, Christians or Muslims.

Perhaps they would learn to focus on their commonality instead of the unimportant differences that divide them

The above story brought to mind the case our politicians. They are like those Pigeons – moving from place to place, one political party to another, in the quest to find the best political vehicle to actualize their political dreams.

Substitute Church, Temple and Mosque with APC, PDP and APGA, and the message would still be salient.

They are all POLITICIANS. They all have the same objective. Like the Pigeons, they have realized that what binds them together is more important than their superficial differences.  That’s what the rabid followers have failed to realize.
Hence, the saying that There Is No Permanent Enmity But Permanent Interest In Politics.

While followers kill themselves over those politicians, they should remember to be like those Pigeons.

They professional politicians will always shed whatever difference they get you fighting over – whenever / where ever their parochial interest can be met. The party doesn’t matter, hence the shameless interminable crisscrossing.

He who has a brain, let him think, and learn from the Pigeons..

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