For most of us, relationship with another is based on dependence, either economic or psychological. This dependence creates fear, breeds in us possessiveness, results in friction, suspicion, frustration. – – Jiddu Krishnamurti

So Digital Publishers are bleeding from the Facebook decision to reshuffle the newsfeed in a way that deemphasizes them.

A guru who has been in this field for over a decade says,

What we kept saying over the years has happened. All the investments that digital publishers (Digital Publisher s) put into Facebook has gone down the drain.

So, the largest social network in the world has shut digital publishers out of its news feeds. It is a good move that benefits Facebook users. Unfortunately, many Digital Publisher s will bleed, and it is their own fault. Some are already shutting down. Digital Publisher s ought to be building their platforms to not depend on social networks for survival. But many spent years investing in Facebook, Twitter, and many are still doing it with Instagram even now. Are we learning at all?

Facebook has done what it believes to be in the best interest of its users and of its own longevity. Digital publishers need to get up and do what they believe is in their platforms’ best interest. Whining about Facebook being evil won’t help.

Even now, many of us are overdependent on Google for both traffic and income. Search and AdSense. Oh, boy. One day, we might wake up to sweeping changes by Google. Then what? Think proactively now. Build a community. Build a strong brand. Use whatever tools or platforms are available as a means to an end, but do not let any of them become the lifeline of your platform.

We are in an age in which we tell people that being independent is the right thing, yet many Digital Publisher s have spent the last decade being dependent on other platforms. Lastly, run your digital platform like a business, because, that is what it is.

Errr, I do not quite this is the right way to look at this Facebook coup.

And the conversation started,


Of course, I am a total newbie regarding Digital Publishing.
But this sounded like a campaign against people being over-dependent on any platform. What happens if that platform does an unexpected nasty, and the rug is pulled from the bottom of your business overnight. ?
Sounds good and dandy, but that advice is tough to practicalize on many facets..
The truth of the matter is that businesses depend on each other, and it is shocking how many businesses depend on Facebook, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon, Oracle, Salesforce, etc. Entire businesses exist JUST BECAUSE of services these behemoths provide, and nobody is going to replace those or give comparable service in a hurry. Too much RESOURCES and technical know-how needed.
So, if your line requires Cloud services and you don’t want to make use of Amazon Web services, Google Clouds, etc, what option do you really have? NONE!
Perhaps you need web storage in the terabyte range, and want the headaches off you, you outsource that to the biggest guys in that space. They could crash (oh yeah?) and you could sue, but that wouldn’t bring back your lost content
Even Apple as big as it is makes use of Google Clouds Services (GCS) for its iTunes photography needs! What ic Google pulls a nasty on them, too ?
Businesses have to keep evolving, or they die. Apple would order tonnes of smartphone screens from Samsung. What if Samsung pulls a nasty. Toyota would order tonnes of airbags from third parties. What if those third parties mess them up?
You adapt, as needed, but there is no way you won’t need service providers to take over critical components (aka headaches) off you! .


there is a huge difference between when businesses depend on one another for paid services. On that situation, there is a contractual agreement and the service provider cannot just pull the rug from under the client’s feet. Very different from a free service, where the platform does not owe the other party anything. That is the key difference you are missing here.


Granted, Payment makes some difference. But I think my points are still valid. So, you pay for this critical service that your business depends on entirely, and the provider pulls that (or makes changes that make that service no longer viable to you) , what happens.
If you pay monthly for the service, and the provider decides to stop offering that service (for whatever reason) with ample notice, then what?
To reiterate, would you give a fantastic service a wide berth (paid or not) because you fear that its demise may sound the death knell for your own business? You then go for a second best based on the fear of what may not even happen?


Again, I will reiterate that you miss my point. Nowhere in my original post did I say not to use a 3rd party service. But to depend on a social network such that it is the lifeline of your digital platform is folly. That is the point. The issue of going for a second best based on fear is not even in this picture.


You said,

///But to depend on a social network such that it is the lifeline of your digital platform is folly. ///

How is this different from an OEM depending on SDRAM from. SAMSUNG because they believe it is superior to, or cheaper than what other smaller fries offer?

What if Samsung has production problems that significantly impede their their ability to deliver expeditiously?

Like I said there are companies that are able to continue to exist only because other bigger ones do. It is called leveraging.

Supposing Elon Musk needs a critical component in his Tesla that only a particular company has great expertise in (say LIDAR)?..

You depend on a Facebook, Twitter, etc for digital publishing simply because they have the numbers. It is all about the numbers. They have been around for a while, and they won’t fizzle out overnight.

Any service can fizzle out any time, paid or not. Any technology your business depends on can become outdated overnight. Heck, your business can get to an inflection point, and implode due to any factors that may or may not be within your control.

It is one of the hazards of doing business in the technology world

The only thing sure in life are razed and death.

This is my take.

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