Your Attitude Is Said To Determine Your Altitude. But then, your personality is all about your attitude, so your personality actually determines your altitude..

Cute is when a person’s personality shines through their looks. Like in the way they walk, every time you see them you just want to run up and hug them.


Natalie Portman


We have all met them. People that seem to have this magnetic personality. They move into a room, and in minutes, they seem to be dominating the airspace. These people seem to have an aura that makes them intriguing and compel others to want to spend time with them.

There are certain character traits which are more valued than others.

With his kind of attractive personality, building new relationships would be a breeze. Finding a partner a piece of cake. People will come to you of their own accord, as if drawn by a magnet.. like sugar to ant.

Here are a few nuggets:

Positive mental attitude

The most important aspect is positivity. People appreciate, above all, positive people. No one really wants to stay around someone who focuses on the negative aspects of life.

We all have enough problems of our own, to be bothered with adding somebody else’s complaints. This is the reason being positive is a prime quality of people who have a magnetic personality. Generally, they know how to emphasize positive things, and more importantly, to look out for positive things even in negative situation (where the ordinary person does not see them)

12 Steps To Stay Positive In A Negative World

For example, in a hospital reception, where everybody else is anxious to be attended to by the doctor, the person who has a magnetic personality may concentrate on making the best of the situation by taking an interest in others around him, and striking a positive conversation, and even friendship!.

Getting impatient and bad tempered wouldn’t be of any use in this situation!

Being passionate about everything around you

You welcome every experience with the exuberance of an inquisitive child, whether the situation is good or bad. The smallest thing that happens to you in your life is an adventure, becoming a subject that you are passionate about, something that animates you.

In this way, you will naturally manage to make yourself interesting by communicating this general exuberance everywhere you go You communicate a ‘joie de vivre’ wherever you go. People sense how thankful you are to be alive.

Putting on a happy face, always

People who have a magnetic personality are often people who have that ability to rejoice and that makes others want to be with them.. to rejoice in their turn.

I have this friend who never appears to have any worries or any unfavorable occurrence in his life.. always affable, smiling. It is only if / when he chooses to confide in you that you realize he had ups and downs like the rest of humanity.
This trait makes him a pleasant person to be with, always.

Being energetic

Energy is in itself a source of stimulation and people seek to be stimulated! Many people are unable to self-stimulate and need to have a source of external stimulus to raise their energy level.

Energy Cannot Be Destroyed And Can Be Transferred From One Person To The Other

People who have a magnetic personality are capable of self-stimulation and possess a bottomless depth of energy that is lacking in so many others. These people, if left alone on a deserted island, would manage to keep their high spirits longer than any other. Man is made to live in groups and needs to feel good .. to be constantly stimulated. Hence the gravitation to people with this characteristic …

Being expressive

He who speaks more goes far

If you are not expressive, you will not be able to transmit feelings, radiate warmth, or communicate clearly.

Expressiveness is the vector of emotions and everything that you will share. If you lock things inside, how do you want others to perceive and share what you feel? On the contrary, learn to express your inner experience and you will see that people will find it easier to relate to, understand and identify with you.

The more expressive you are, the more you communicate your emotions.

Being stimulating

To be attractive to others, you must be challenging, mentally / intellectually, psychologically and emotionally. No-one wants to stay around a dull, reticent individual, with nothing interesting to pass on to acquaintances.

To be emotionally stimulating, you will need to be energetic and expressive but also focus your conversation on the emotional aspects and avoid getting mired in narcissistic boring details. With regard to intellectual stimulation, it is up to you to use colorful words with enough power to interest and hold audiences captive. Several possibilities are available to you: originality (but not too much), expertise, novelty, intrigue, the extraordinary … Moreover, if you also apply the previous advice, the interest for your subjects in conversation will be multiplied!

Being focused / sure footed

The world makes a way for the man who knows where he is going. They also tend to follow the one who has a clear notion of his destination.

In order for people to want to be with you and follow you, you also need to have organizational power. That is, you know where you are going and hold the bar under any circumstances. In this sense, you look confident… in control.. purposeful.. occupied by and focused on what you do and by the way you approach your tasks..

People are drawn to confident, purposeful individuals. Conversely, people can also smell the opposite trait from kilometers away.

Develop an attractive personality. Break down barriers, forge relationships, conquer territories and have people eating out of your palms

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