The Peregrination Of The Transporter

The economy is bad, everybody is looking for alternative sources of income.

So some business-minded colleagues and I got into a discussion as to what exactly somebody can do in this economy that is reasonably guaranteed to succeed.

We all agreed that it has to be something that is essential or something that satisfies  the <a href=”“>Maslow base Hierarchy Of Needs.</a> Things like food, transportation, education, health, shelter and (tele)communications.. these are things that are essential to every human being at some level or the other.

Somebody hit on the idea of transportation and its feasibility in a cosmopolitan city like Lagos, with its ever bustling pedestrian activities.

It is clear that the transportation service within Lagos is grossly inadequate, so many of us reckoned there’s very little reason why an investment in that sector should not yield bountiful results.

Go to bus stops at almost any time of the day.. you see a lot of commuters anxious to get from one point to the other. The gaping disparity between transportation demands and its supply may explain why a lot of people are going into e-haling services like Uber, Lyft, oRide, gOkada, etx.

Of course  there are always pros and cons in any business. despite the fact that there’s a lot of money to be made (although the major portion of the money may not come directly to the owner of the vehicle)

There are many impediments / hazards to the success of the transportation business in Nigeria.

<U>TR A F F I C   F R O M   H E L L .</U>

For people who stay in a mad city like Lagos they know that moving about say tug-of-war. <a href=”“>Traffic for Lagos na die.</a> the man-hours lost in Lagos traffic on a daily basis is calamitous and drastically reduce the possible productivity of residents


<a href=””>Robbers Lure Delta Transporter With Trip, Kill Him

Someone asks,

<blockquote>Can transport business be this risky?? Only God knows how many have gone missing</blockquote>

You then ask yourself .. supposing you purchase a bus to transport goods and then give it to somebody to drive and this kind of situation happens, what then? What practical steps can be taken to combat armed robbers, kidnappers or rapists perpetrating thievilly your driver?

‘If you look at the daily peanuts returned, compared to the amount needed to purchase the vehicle and how long it takes to break even, are the many unavoidable risks really worth taking’ , someone asked ?


I’m alao aware of an accountant who lost his job in one of the banks and then decided to come out is mini bus into the transportation business. hHe was commissioned to transport some goods from point A to point B f-or a good sum.

Unfortunately for him, he was not aware that what he was commissioned to transport are contraband goods, with the consequence that the goods along with the vehicle were seized by the police.

The owner of the contraband goods refused to show up and until today both contraband and vehicle have been confiscated. Vehicle gone!

Perhaps you decide to go into the e-hailing believe in the maxim of <b> if you want something done well …do it yourselfs</b> you take the steering wheel and do the business when you have spare time.  U n f o r t u n a t e l y for you the people that you carry happened to be armed robbers and the police at the checkpoint discover  guns on your passengers.

How are you going to convince the law that you are not part of the gang? W h a t is to prevent your picking up passengers one day and getting strangled on a lonely road at 10:30 at night?

This brings to mind the case of somebody who used to sell building materials and (unfortunately  for him) decided that the transport business is more lucrative. He sold all his goods and purchased a bus to be plying the Abuja – Lagos route.

Unfortunately for him, the first week he started the transport business, he had a fatal accident and the bus was completely written off. He was not insured (he is not very educated).

He has now been relegated to driving a school bus for a living, earning peanuts as monthly salary – earning in a month what he projected to be earning in a day when he bought the bus .


We have a local saying to the effect that, <b>Money Is Held Within The Mandibles Of A Lion. </b>

Apparently the transport business as a moneyspinner lends credibility to that saying 

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