The wife of the President, President Muhammad Buhari is always making news as being outspoken, making her contrarian position known concerning her husband’s perceived ‘political ineptitude’ and ‘administrative maladroitness’

She grants international interviews, saying things that you rarely find the wife of any sitting President say, anywhere in the world.

If You Can’t Provide Change, Please Give Way For Others To Try.. Aisha Buhari

A public vote of no confidence from a (wife) First Lady to a sitting (husband) President!

The surprising thing is, being of the Northern Nigerian extraction, being a Muslims, where women generally are to be seen and not heard, this vituperative display of verbose verbiage just makes one wonder. She has obviously refused to remain in the ‘rooms’ where her husband said she belongs..

I am of the opinion that she is overdoing things.

Yes, as a citizen, she has a right to her political views, but Aisha Buhari is not an ORDINARY citizen. She is the wife of the President, Her words consequently being weighty , she should weigh her words carefully before uttering them!  If she were not the President’s wife, her expressed opinions may not be taken seriously. But she is!

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? – The Bible, Amos 3:3

In politics, the opposition must look for something to attack with , even when it has to be concocted or fabricated . Every perceived loophole or weakness is exploited to the max and none is more apposite or auspicious than an apparent crack in the household of their target.

How can a man who cannot control his wife handle a country effectively, they shout with glee? A household divided against itself cannot stand. Even his own wife doesn’t believe in his abilities, they shriek!

Yes, in President Muhammad Buhari’s shoes, I would not stand with a wife afflicted with a bout of verbal diarrhea, embarrassing me publicly at every turn. Most likely I would first give her a yellow card. Then I would likely swiftly follow with a red one if she doesn’t desist, because she can cause too much damage with her mouth !

What is she still doing being married to him? Like someone said,  your loyalty should be to your government when it deserves it. Similarly, a disloyal wife doesn’t deserve her husband’s continued loyalty either. So, President Muhammad Buhari should actually be praised for his patience and magnanimity for condoning all this.

I believe the First Lady should learn from a Hilary Clinton on how to stand by your husband in public, even if you disagree (politically) in private!  What does she aim to achieve by giving weapons to the  husband’s opponents to pillory her husband with?

Some idealist may say her allegiance should be to her country over and above that of the husband, but then it would just be the usual hypocritical talk, as few men would stand this bullshit comportement, pardon my German.

Thoughtless Speech Is Like The Stabs Of A Sword, But The Tongue Of The Wise Is A Healing.

From the days of the Bible, women have been the downfall of powerful men. Truly, Behind Every Great Man’s FALL Is A Woman”
She should not push the Old Dog to do a Mandela on her! 

If President Muhammad Buhari hands her a red card, it would do great political damage to him. I am of the opinion that President Muhammad Buhari has been wise in taking the middle of the ground approach by publicly calling her to order, while refusing to be goaded into shoving her out in the cold

As a man, would you stand and watch your wife tear you to pieces publicly, and remain attached to her?

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