MONEY is good. There is no doubt that, all other factors held constant, an abundance of money would result in longer life, give you more choices in life, greater peace, better quality of life , than its paucity. Mind you, I said, all things being held constant.

If you don’t love money, you won’t be accumulate enough for a good life, and render adequate assistance to the needy.

Money is good, all the time. The love of money is not the root of all evil. It is the LACK that’s the root. Therefore we need to love money passionately, so that we can get to do all the good things that money can do.

Doesn’t money answer all things? And, yes, money really does move mountains

If you have not got to the stage where MONEY is just a figure on a bank statement, where MONEY is an embarrassment, you had better strike a balance between spending your money on ‘butter’, rather than investing it on ‘guns’.

When you capriciously go out to buy that smartphone or electronic gadget you don’t really need (because that colleague just got one), you are investing your money on butter. That money has melted away. Gone. You don’t give it a chance to attract even more money.

Conversely, you invest in ‘guns’ when you ‘spend’ money on things that ensure that the money comes back, with extras.

We need to treat each amount of money as a magnet that has the ability to attract more money. No amount of money is too small to be wasted.

Nowhere is it more true than in finance, than the platitude that says that ‘little drops of water make a mighty ocean’. If you think you can afford to waste a little, you could end up squandering a lot

Delayed gratification… this is a term many of us interested in money and how it speaks.. have heard of, before now. Why buy that thing today, if you can wait until the metaphoric tomorrow and buy it with the profit from the funds you want to commit now?


Buying things you don’t need is like setting fire to your future. As stated, above, money is a magnet. Therefore, before you throw away that magnet whimsically, think deeply. Do I really need that thing I am about to commit money to, now.? Or, is it that I merely want it?

It is surely an iromy. Most people don’t expend as much thought energy in spending money, as they put into earning it. People work themselves to the bones to earn money, then turn around to lavish that money frivolously, on butter!

Do you really need to throw that lavish birthday party?

Some of the ways I personally reduce recurrent expenditure, and keep as many magnets as possible, to myself, are enumerated below.

//avoid recurrent expenditure, as much as possible.//

This is why it’s probably wise to spend more now to save much much more, over time. If you spend money on cable / satellite tv subscription monthly, is there a way you can avoid that and still be infotained? Have you considered investing in a Tablet? That way, you keep abreast of information, get entertained and save yourself a bundle over time.

I have not bought a newspaper in close to ten years..All my infotainment are got, for free, from the net. Neither have I found it necessary to spend as much on books, as I used to, years ago.

Rather than participate in traditional voice calls on your telephone, how about making use of voIP (cheaper), SMS, IM, email. Those little coins count and accumulate, over time, folks

Do you take your car to the car wash regularly and spend good money? How feasible is it to do it yourself (it’s good exercise) or commission that out to that jobless youth for far less?

Do you send your children to very expensive schools without necessarily focusing on the quality of their pedagogy?

Are you a brand loyalist? Would you use a Tecno Phablet (like moi ) for a third of a comparative Samsung equivalent? Why use that overpriced Toyota when a Hyundai would do splendidly?

Do you really need that smartwatch? Or, any watch, for that matter? Ornamentation or practicality, be sure.

The purpose of this post is to encourage folks to pause and think.

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Ask yourself, before spending:

-Do.I need to spend this much? Are there cheaper functional alternatives?.

-Do.I need to spend it now (technology products get obsolete fast)

-Is that the best use for this sum, at this particular time?.

If we query ourselves, avoid spending on impulse, don’t run after the Joneses and prioritize our spending, we would have so much money doing the running that we ourselves would work because we enjoy the work, and not because we have to .

Yes, all play and no work is the dividend of sustained passive income, engendered by years of discipline .

This is possible when we love money with a passion and have accumulated  enough of it to go and attract even more, in perpetuity.

Do you have a big hat with very few cattles, cowboy? Do you have a lot of useless toys that you list as assets in your Assets Column? Time to wake up!

The millionaire next door has plenty of cattle,  but a very small hat, if any.

Think about it.The more magnets you have the more magnets you can attract. And the easier it is to attract even more magnets, because you have a powerful magnetic base.

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