Here goes the screaming headline,

LASG: Yoruba Now Mandatory for Admission into Tertiary Institutions in Lagos

And all hell broke loose.

I once Lamented The Erosion Of Our Culture, language inclusive.

An opinion leader, an Ìgbo man who has made his mark in the world of business, and lived most of his adult life in Lagos said,

Lagos, Port Harcourt And Kano All Had Potential To Become International Nigerian Cities. Lagos, The Only One Still In The Race Now Wants To Become A Yoruba City. Sad For A State That Last Year Celebrated Its 50years With Fanfare .

Why Are We So Enclave Minded In Africa

The complaint is about the new Lagos State policy on requiring a credit in Yoruba Language before a child can be admitted into a Tertiary institution in Lagos.

Dubai is a global city that welcomes people from all over the world but has not lost her identity as an Arab City because it has a cornucopia of nationalities. The preservation of our identities, either as states, cities or nation, is paramount .

Someone else makes a strong case against this new Ambode dance, thus:

People must realise that Lagos wasn’t developed by the Yorubas alone …the whole Nigeria inclusive developed the city and this is an affront on non-indigenes of Lagos that must have made economic and other contribution to the city.

Other cities are trying to be cosmopolitan by attracting diverse culture…we are trying to go local! .

I was thinking that he should have made STEM courses compulsory instead. People have the right to speak any language and that is right. There shouldn’t be imposition.

People are creating an enabling environment for intellectual activity to thrive ,we are here talking about language.. naturally people learn the language of cities….the Chinese , Latino , German immigrants in Boston have no choice than to learn English and that is the way things are.

Nobody imposes anything on them and that is a natural process… but the black man would show brawn a in doing things. When do we get to do things from a logical perspective, and not the emotional angle.

We must start evolving for the world to take us serious…. Universities globally have evolved from classroom setting to e-learning where lectures are conducted from any part of the world.. admitting students in any part of the world but here , the backwards thinking governor is still thinking 18th century.

Sometimes I regret being a Nigerian….the way we act in this part of the world is totally embarrassing.

I disagree. Protecting your culture is not backwards. The Chinese do this. The Saudis do that. It is about taking pride in what is yours. Conserving your identity.

Lagos is a Yoruba city. Nigeria is a heterogenous society. The fact that Lagos is home to different tribes doesn’t change this fact one bit.

And someone saying non Lagosians contributed tax to build the Institutions should note that you also pay tax in Dubai. That doesn’t stop a non indigène from having to learn Arabic to gain admission into some of their Universities! So, what’s different?

What is the population of Yoruba people to that of the other non Yorubas in Lagos, combined?

It is sad that most Yoruba children raised in Lagos cannot speak their mother tongue properly, if at all. This is the case for the Eastern part of the country too. It is the only the Northerners that have been able to preserve their culture and language to a larger extent..

Perhaps western education has a way of stripping one of pride in one’s culture?

This is what the Governor is trying to address.

Perhaps those raving against this would proffer a better solution to the waning Lingual Proficiency? Anyone can complain, condemn or criticize, but how do you conserve your language is the salient question!

A people lose their identity once they lose their culture, language being a cardinal part of that. It is important enough to risk ruffling some minor feathers, or even alienating some minorities.

The viewpoint with most impact, for me, was,

The way we are going, our various local languages are dying / going extinct. I don’t want to believe this is targeted at anyone in particular. This exercise is neither novel nor original. It’s borne out of genuine concern for the dying Yoruba Language.

As for today’s kids, we have practically lost them to globalization / pseudo-modernity . An evil agenda of the west to consolidate their hold on 3rd-world countries.

China and some major tribes in the world are resisting the intrusion of foreign culture in their socialization process by as much as not even showing you a foreign TV content. China Bans Children From Attending Church Services as a measure to preserve their native religious practices. When the children are adults, they can choose!

No nation on earth can attain greatness on a borrowed language.
Look around you and see if any nation had risen above their culture and language on the back of another language.

This policy ought to be a national policy if we must get it right, so as to preserve our fast disappearing national heritage.

I agree totally!

There is a report somewhere, that says a language goes extinct every two weeks somewhere in the world. If we are not careful, languages in Africa could become totally extinct eventually, due to the pervasive influence of western culture.

It is not only in language that this erosion is happening. Africans wearing a suit and tie in sweltering heat, knowing more about what is happening in California than in their backyard, refusing to watch local television channels, thinking it is cool to monitor CNN or Aljazeera are mentalities that need to be revisted.

I am solidly in support of this Lagos State attempt at arresting this huge problem.!

I wince to hear my own children attempt to speak my own native Yoruba language!

For those who feel strongly against this, there are alternatives. Put your children in private institutions, or higher institutions outside Lagos (or Nigeria)!.


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