… a transvestite (transsexual?), BobRisky got his (her?) birthday party disrupted by police…

Here is the story :BREAKING: Police Seal Venue Of Bobrisky’s Birthday Party

Someone says,

His gender. Her problem.

Thank you Lagos police command for sealing off and stopping Bobrisky’s abominable party today.

We are Africans, please..

While my moral views are totally opposed to all that BobRisky stands for, my instinctive reaction was that this is a gross violation of (wo)man rights.

I responded,

Since when did the police become the Custodians Of morals instead of Enforcers Of Legality?

Like someone mused,

/So far, there is no law against body modification or transvestism in Nigeria.

Why did they disrupt his birthday?/

The poster persists that the police did the right thing,

Hear him,

homosexuality is against our laws and anyone celebrating it must be stopped. We have enough problems already.. to add moral decadence to the mix

I don’t think it is that simple.

There is a law against homosexuality, yes. But there is none against transgenderism or transvestitism.

Now, something for you to chew on….

Being originally male, if BobRiaky has sexual dalliance with another male, would he (she?) be said to have infracted the Nigerian Anti Homosexuality Law??

If she(?) consorts with a fellow(?) female, can that same law find her culpable??

Does The Law see her (him?) as male or female?

Does the medical field consider him (?) a ‘she’ or consider her (?) a ‘he’ – being originally male?

Is someone seen as a (wo)man just because of how (s)he looks / dresses ?

If I dress up like a woman (being male),, would I be guilty of lesbianism if I toast a female??🤔

With the Nigerian law being against homosexuality, it looks like a clarification has to be made regarding how a person’s sexuality is determined in law. Perhaps that person would be made to go for a medical test to determine the sexm

in other climes, being transgender, you’re allowed to associate with whatever sexual preference you choose.
In other words, you can be born a female, carry out sexual reassignment surgery and become a female. Yet, your sexual preference could be homosexual or heterosexual.

But in Nigeria, the confusion is deep. There is the cultural, moral and legal perspectives ..

The BobRisky case is an interesting conundrum.

I once wrote about the apparent Subservience Of Law To Religion…in some cases. Can we squally say that even law enforcement can kowtow to morality?

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