The Immorality Of Competence.

Presented here is the article submitting that Incompetence is the progenitor of corruption

The author seems to believe that, much of the corruption seen in government is the result of incompetence.

And someone commented,

I agree with this article.

Also, it is corruption to put an incompetent person in high office…

But I kind of think different.

Unless the article is titled incorrectly,I don’t think there is much correlation between corruption and incompetence.

A honest mechanic trying his best to fix your car, but maybe inexperienced enough to handle the car isn’t corrupt. Just incompetent.

Someone had this to say about the mechanic analogy ‘

If we excuse incompetence of leadership from the perspective of the fact that they they are only trying their best, at least we can not excuse our own gullibility to let them continue to occupy that position.

Just like the mechanic example wouldn’t people question your sense of judgement if you return to him because he honestly did his best after he incompetently messed up your car?

We are therefore guilty of corruption for allowing incompetent people to lead us.

I agree.

However, incompetence isn’t a sin. It is a lack, it a defect – that can be corrected. Being corrupt is however an egregious defect. A sin.

While incompetence is easily externally addressable, a corrupt mind goes to the bone (not the blood – as you could replace the blood).

Character deficit is not as easily tackled as a competency deficit – showing that the two lacks are radically different.

Another person is of the following opinion.

Incompetent people create dislocations and inefficiencies that produce corruption.

There is this lyric of a song, which says,

What I Want To (Eat) Embezzle Is What Is Making Me Appear Foolish

I feel that a very competent person may appear incompetent because he is corrupt.

That’s why corruption needs to be tackled first before any talk of (in)competence in Nigeria.

Competence can make a corrupt person appear incorrupt. This is apparent with some past / current governors who are very visible in public infrastructure provisioning but have very opaque accounting and questionable contract award / execution figures.

Corruption is what allows incompetent people get into unmerited position to start with. So, maybe one could say, Corruption Is The Progenitor To Incompetence.

True; one could say that incompetence cam make corrupt practices thrive or make corrupt people get to positions they don’t merit. But the obverse is that most of the incompetence we have in governance (specifically in Africa) is the result of corruption.

The problem with African governments / nations is not a lack of competent people with brilliant ideas (in / out of government). It is PRIMARILY the pervasive corruption everywhere you look, with the result that square pegs are put in round holes.


Corruption breeds incompetence by putting the wrong INCOMPETENT people in positions. And sustaining them.

So, logically, tackling corruption FIRST (mental and material) ensures only competent people float to leadership position (not through favoritism, godfatherism, via ‘stomach infrastructure’, etc). We do that starting with the man in the mirror.

There is no doubt about the damage to governance because of incompetence, but to say incompetence breeds corruption or you could eradicate incompetence without frontally tackling corruption is, in my humble opinion, simply lame.

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