We bring you the second part of the article THE FUNDAMENTALS OF BOKO HARAM which we hope would further help throw more lights on the mindset and inner workings of the group. If reading these series of articles help avoid casualties and help our security operatives in tackling the menace, then our efforts are justified. —- Admin


The Fundamentals of Bokoharam Part 2 – Paul Iguniwei

Boko Haram havoc

Boko Haram havoc

Boko Haram havoc

Boko Haram havoc


Operations & Tactics– How we are always 2 steps ahead of the Nigerian Security Network.


“Our goal is to find out the most effective way to overcome & over turn & destroy any governments that do not completely comply with Islamic Law, including existing Muslim countries”


Asalamuialaikum! Did you read the first part of this evolving series, if you didn’t, then stop for now, & Google up “The Fundamentals of Boko Haram


AIM: To stop Boko haram!



(1)    To expose the ideological mindset of Bokoharam loyalists.

(2)    To help you demystify the invincibility of Bokoharam operatives.

(3)    To help you appreciate the tactics of Bokoharam

(4)    To open your eyes on how Bokoharam gather pre-operation intelligence.


Quote: Surah 8:67


Mala, is a normal guy, a cobbler, he does most of his job on foot, trekking a vast land mass of radius 20km daily – Mala is a Bokoharam scout.


Jibril is a commercial motorcyclist. He criss-crossed the length & breath of the city, plying his trade. He knows every nook & cranny of the city, he knows when a particular section is asleep, and when awake, he knows the character of every suburb of the city. Jibril gathers intelligence for Boroharam.


Alexander is a JOC (Joint Operations Command) Senior Operative. The JOC coordinates the fight against Bokoharam at the operation and tactical level.

Alexander is disgruntled and greedy, he supplies counter operations intelligence to Bokoharam. He does it for spoils of war – Cash & Power!


Some Items Recovered

Some Items Recovered

Dr Isa is a devout Muslim; he works for the government of the Federal Republic at the highest strategic level. As a true Muslim he has been haunted, all his life by these verses of the holy Quran! Surah 4vs95, Surah9vs81, Surah 8:16 (Ali translation), Surah 9:29. As an obligation, Dr Isa, deliberately contaminate & adulterates decisions reached by the federal government so that he can appease his religious conscience.



Alhaji Petrol coordinates financial transactions for Bokoharam, he helps to launder their funds through a network of channels, including certain masjid(s) where donation & protection fees trickles in. He is also a prisoner of religious conscience of same verses bokoharam uses to oppress & manipulate ordinary believers.


Abu Sufyan is the Chief Operations strategist of bokoharam. Every state has one to two intelligence strategist, must be indigene of that state. They are all loosely reporting to Abu Sufyan. Abu Sufyan and Abu Qaqa, intensely monitors the Nigerian press & government much more than the government monitors them. Contrary, to the government position the Shura council does not have to meet for strategic decision to be arrived at. The Quran acts as their guide. And Imam Abu Shekau needs only to make a strategic video or Pronouncement for Abu Sufyan & and Qaqa to mobilize. In so doing, Abu Shekau is minimally exposed to capture.


As a country, we do not have an inventory system of monitoring, the movement of goods from point A to B. Hence Bokoharam Operatives, using innocent proxies, children, and women and are able to rent apartments, buy large quantities of sugar, fertilizers containing nitrogen, batteries, detonating cords, copper wires, gather empty cans of drinks, gas cylinders, gunpowder’s potassium nitrate salts etc.


In the American movie “Body of Lies” we see a contemporary strategy of going “radio silence” to evade American electronic monitoring of the Jihadists communication & movements. So were you surprised that bokoharam began to take out communication masts in some north eastern states of Nigeria, even some of our security operatives thought Bokoharam was stupid to be blowing up these masts.

Alas, BokoHaram was simply increasing their security, by going off the grid instead of using cell phone, they began using human couriers, who would take operational orders and other information from point A to point B by hand, evading security operatives waiting to intercept cell phone communication. This also opens your understanding that the modus operandi of Jihadists group is universal in nature, from Somalia, Pakistan, the Caucuses, Mali, Kenya, Afghanistan, the same mentality runs through all of them. And this is because a common theological ideology drives all of them, derived from the Quran.



Bokoharam claims to follow the prophet of Islam and all the instructions found in the Holy Quran. As part of their interpretation of the Quran, Christians – Known in the Quran as “people of the book” are legitimate targets (Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. (surah 9vs 29). (Those who disbelieve from among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures. (Surah 98 vs 6). And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers (Surah 3 vs 85)


Hence, as part of their objectives to put the government in a bad light and in also fulfilling the “Quranic injunctions”, which is a type of Jihad, Christians are killed randomly.



Bokoharam operatives, acting as under cover commercial motorcyclists, fruit & snacks vendor are sent out on Sundays & other week days to determine service days, size of attendance, crowed behaviour, level of church security, degree of church isolation e.t.c. And by Saturday night, Intel analysis are concluded, a vehicle is rigged for suicide bombing, the suicide bomber, fasts, prays & recite the Quran most of the night leading to a Sunday or in some cases a day determine to attack a security formation.



A security check

A security check

Having gathered plenty information on our police behaviour, from how they sit carelessly at their duty posts to how they let flashy vehicles pass through checkpoints, how they harass commercial vehicle drivers, “Okada” riders, Wheelbarrow pushers, how they sling their weapons behind instead of in front of them e.t.c. Bokoharam is able to build a model of a brazen attack on police formations like that carried out in Kano, which claimed the lives of many police personnel and civilians. Bokoharam operatives, devote much time in observing security operatives’ behaviour on duty. They move, during rains, when security alertness is zero, during peak sun high (12:00noon – 2:00pm) when Check points are less manned & less alert.


Above all, there is a lot of insider collaboration of those who see it as a religious duty to support the mujaheeden in carrying out Jihad, for religion is stronger than the constitution of any Nation!


See you in the part 3 of this treatise. shukarn!



Note: All names used in this write-up are fictitious and has no bearing on real persons living or dead.


About the Author:

Paul Iguniwei is a scientist. A chemist by profession but has a deep interest and love for the Islamic Religion. He has devoted many years to the study of the Holy Koran and he is well versed in the Arabic language. An erudite scholar with passion for safety of human life.

Follow him on twitter @paultheKemist




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