Now, an animal has just crawled (walked?) into my sitting room! . I said, walked because I can see it has legs,.. but having the shape of a lizard, ‘crawl’ seems more appropriate. On second thoughts, let me adopt the word ‘slither’.

The creature is deep brown, has a forked tongue like a malevolent reptile. Abi na snake ni?

I have tried my damnedest to deploy a broom to kill it, but the darned thing has proved to be too fleet footed for my age enhanced clumsiness .

I can’t find it now, as it is hiding somewhere, and I am dead worried. I had lifted chairs, carpets, everything. Can’t locate the beast, which I spotted a few microseconds ago! .

In my anxiety and attempt to kill the creature (I don’t know if it is actually a lizard, or a species of a dangerous snake), I mistakenly stepped on a Tablet which was charging by the side.


Chinekeh ooo. Gbese! The screen pulverized diametrically!

Meanwhile. this thing is still somewhere inside the house, hiding, only to sneak out and crawl around intermittently, making me jump .

I am deadly worried. The broken Tab has made me to, temporarily abandon the fervent hunt for the lizard-snake. But, I know I have to find that thing. Who knows, maybe the thing has a poisonous bite.

With us all in Nigeria living in darkness courtesy of PHCN, I fear for Nightfall. The habit of lying down on the carpet in the sitting room now has to be abandoned, pending when I find this thing, and kill it. Or, it starves to death.

Now, if the darned thing would just stay still and pose for a camera shoot, I can proceed from that picture to conduct a Google search to determine if I need to pack out of the house temporarily until the animal is found and killed. After all, Google answereth all things. I urgently need to determine if I am worried for nothing. Better to be safe than to be poisoned, jare.

Now, let me go and see how deeply in debt I am on account of this broken Tablet screen. Sigh!

I just tire!

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