The Fear of Staying Committed In a Relationship

You just might want to agree that building a long lasting relationship takes deliberate steps. It requires that both love birds make conscious effort in making things run pretty smoothly. If you have ever found yourself in a relationship where you were too complacent to make a commitment then it just could affirm the fact that you probably weren’t ready for one.

The benefits of being married takes loads of emotions and commitment; little wonder some folks run away from making any commitment at all. Whether you are in a simple relationship for the mere reason of experimenting, or are looking to be tied with the legalities of marriage, the fact would always remain that for a relationship to stay healthy and thrive there must be commitment. If this is the case, why are some people afraid of such commitments?

Whilst some consider it is some form of being caged because they think they might be glued to just one person for life, others think that being committed in a relationship would cause them to be financially accountable to their partners. So, with these kinds of excuses and more they just would prefer to stay away from serious relationships.

The question however is; is it the best option?

What about the rich ones who feel that staying committed in a relationship is an absolute no go area because they fear the eventuality of a divorce that might require splitting assets and so they blatantly refuse to tie the nuptial knot. But shouldn’t love mean looking beyond oneself and what you have and going ahead to risk being in a relationship?

What has the world turned into!  Could the world going global have anything at all to do with this? Or shall we say the media has sold us so much lies? Isn’t it time for us to look beyond all that we are being sold by the media and plain pursue our deep seated heart desires?

Couple embracing

Well ….your guess is as good as mine. One sure thing remains that when you do find that special someone, staying committed becomes as easy as minced meat.

2 comments for “The Fear of Staying Committed In a Relationship

  1. Eye_Bee_Kay
    January 3, 2015 at 8:04 pm

    The fear of commitment.. this
    fear may have it’s root in one or both of these things….

    It could be financial. Even platonic friendship between the same gender takes finance to nurture and oil. Committing to serious erotic relationship takes being on a fairly firm financial pedestal A graduate who has been jobless for a while would not be thinking of any serious relationship. It does take some level of financial security / stability to “man” it over ma woman..

    It could be due to immaturity…and am not referring to chronological age… I mean being alive to sociological /societal responsibility and expectations, and being unwilling to acknowledge the fact that, “when a child is old enough to own a how, he should own a how*

    Those are the two possible reasons I can think of right now…

    • WillyWest
      January 4, 2015 at 10:14 am

      Another reason could be the ambitiuos hunger to accomplish certain self or externally imposed targets. For instance i have a few friends who would rather have a PhD first before considering marriage. In general a guy should follow whatever seems convenient and bestows happiness on him.

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