The Fact Of This Matter Is Not An Opinion

It is very grating when you converse with people who take their opinions for facts, or debate facts simply out of ignorance and they claim that they are entitled to their worthless opinions.

There are many people who can not tell the difference between facts and opinions, even if something has been scientifically proven, some continue to argue ignorantly. Could this be due to a lack of education or information, or they do this on purpose?

There are some who do this on purpose because they always want to be right all the time, and have the last word . Others do this as a hobby, or sport, or just to exercise their brains, and hone their argumentative skills – a matter of playing the devil’s advocate.

But many “facts” have been scientifically proven in both directions. This means that, it easy to argue two sides of a count with equal felicity.

Take global warming for example.

There are numerous studies that have been done, and some of them have supposedly “proven” that global warming is a ruse. The POTUS is aligned on this side of the global warming ‘fact’. This Article By Forbes makes an interesting read.

The truth is subjective, and one can not always rely on scientific reasoning to establish facts. A fact is like your HIV status. A fact remains a fact only until it is disproved just like your HIV status may change tomorrow.

Scientists would make pronouncements based on available information at that point in time. The moment additional knowledge or superior information becomes available, that former fact becomes a non_fact .

This convergence between opinions and facts also takes place in debates when some knowingly or unconsciously forcefully project their opinions as facts, sometimes leading to confusion on the part of listeners.

Opinion is the distal end of fact, subjective (depends on the subject who emits it). Opinions are not really dangerous. Everyone has one, it is not serious, as long as they are not stated as, or mistaken for, facts,

it is impossible for x² = -10 to be resolved by an integer : Is there a fact stated? Yes. In the set of integers, no element solves this equation. This is an indisputable fact.

It is impossible for you to produce a quality argument.: Is there a fact in this assertion? No. The impossibility of producing an argument in the future is only an opinion.

Thinking of something does not make it a fact. This is an opinion. And it depends entirely on the subject, hence subjective.

It’s not always easy to prove what you’re saying. We can prove a statement factually (with texts of laws, photos, videos, etc.), we can prove an affirmation by a demonstration (the case of mathematics for example), we can prove an affirmation by proving that the obverse affirmation is false (demonstration of an absurdity in logic, etc.).

It is said that the burden of proof is on the one who asserts. It is therefore up to the author of an affirmation to provide evidence.

For example, I do not need to prove that aliens do not exist. It is for whoever affirms that they exist that needs to prove this. What is affirmed without proof, can be refuted without proof “.

People often forget to check (or ask questions) when mere opinion is canvassed as fact, especially when this is from an authority figure.

Remember: always distinguish opinion from fact. Both as a listener, and the speaker

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